Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Realm News: What’s Coming In Patch OB55?

Paladins: Champions of the Realm, through a Twitch stream earlier today, have revealed a lot more features and content additions for the game coming in OB55. In fact, it would appear that Patch OB55 is the largest one in terms of content and changes that we have seen in a while.



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First up, we have gotten a spree of new skins including time in the spotlight for our loveable Runic Sage, Torvald. In terms of Mastery, both Ying and Torvald have gained the attention of the Paladins gods this Patch and are now able to sport the Cosmic and Obsidian skins.

Clockwork Torvald

Keeping up with the spree of good news for Torvald players, he will now get an Epic Clockwork skin that makes our inventor grandpa into a dapper gentleman covered in gears and steampunk creations and the like. In-game his gauntlet looks amazing, sporting a rotating series of golden gears that pulsate with a green energy. Speaking of which, his gauntlet beam now fires an onslaught of glowing green energy.

Defiler Mal'Damba

Mal’Damba is also getting some skin love this patch with his new Defiler skin, which sports a red and purple design with patches of green thrown in for good measure. The best part of this design is the addition of the bright green along the back of Mal’Damba’s King Cobra. It looks quite venomous.

Hemlock WilloHemlock Willo in game

The final major skin coming in Paladins Patch OB55 is the Hemlock Willo which changes her exterior from cute and innocent, to evil and kind of messed up but in a sublime way. Hi-Rez wanted a new design for Willo’s wings that would maintain a similar shape but provide a different silhouette. I have to say, the style of wings definitely flows better with Hemlock Willo’s character design. 10/10 would buy.

Chests And Game Changes

Hi-Rez has announced two changes to the chest system, well sort of changes. The first one is, in fact, a new Steampunk Chest which will feature Clockwork Torvald, Steampunk Androxus and Chancellor Mal’Damba. Apparently, this chest will be very steampunk with it opening via many gear rotations and the like.

You may be familiar with the Enchanting System for Radiant Chests, which allows you to enchant a key before you open the chest guaranteeing you unique items. Well in Patch OB55 you will be able to Legendary Enchant a key which will guarantee you your unique items as well as a guaranteed Legendary Card. You may not get the Legendary for the character you want but it is still a cool addition.

Finally, they have added a Champion Rotation feature which will allow newer and veteran players to try out Champions they may have not tried yet. The current system has a select eight Champs that are playable for free, allowing players to get a foothold in the game. Well, the Champion Rotation will feature five set Champs that can be played for free at any time and four that will rotate out to grant you a broader view of the characters available. Every week two of the four Champions will rotate out and while this is mainly designed for newer players it could also greatly benefit the veterans who just haven’t gotten around to some of them yet.

Ruckus Re-Design And New Maps

Ruckus POV

Since the Dreamhack Paladins finals, we have known about the new re-design for Ruckus that will further cement him into the lore of the game. Thus his metallic and futuristic exterior has been removed as a base design, although that will still remain in the game and he has become more wooden.

Within the Twitch stream, there was also a small tour of the Splitstone Quarry map that will be arriving in OB55 as well. The quarry itself is a gold mining operation and will feature tight corridors as well as large open spaces and all of it will be full of heavy duty mining equipment. Lore wise the Splitstone Quarry map will delve into the interesting backstories of Ruckus, Bolt (his mech) and Barik. We will learn how Ruckus customised a normal mindless mining mech into Bolt. The one thing that excites me the most is the tease that the yellow crystal that has been attached to the mech holds the soul of another one of the characters in-game and as a result creates a sentient killing machine.

There are also two new Onslaught maps coming with OB55, one set on the ever popular Brightmarsh and the other taking place on the Jaguar Falls. The Onslaught mode definitely needed some more maps, primarily on console where we do not have the luxury and privlege of the test queue.

Jenos The Ascended

Jenos Lotus

There is also a new hybrid Support Champion coming to the Realm. Known as Jenos the Ascended, he was once a man that travelled to the peaks of the highest mountain tops and looked to the stars for the solution to his problems. And he found it. Gifted with the power of the constellations, Jenos is going to be a powerful new addition to the Support roster and will be a game-changer for a lot of people. As a Support main he is definitely one of my new favourites.

Stay tuned for more on his abilities and arsenal.

If Hi-Rez follows a similar schedule to their previous Patches, OB55 should arrive for PC next week, with console following not too far behind.

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