Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Sky Isn’t The Limit With Paladins’ Latest Support Champ, Jenos The Ascended

Jenos the Ascended. I have not been so excited in such a long time than with the arrival of this new Support Champion. Jenos is described as a character who is extremely proficient at healing but is able to wander off and deal some serious damage. For that reason, I like to think of him as a Support/Damage hybrid, but that doesn’t mean you should abstain from healing!

Jenos Gun

His weapon of choice is known as the Star Splitter which channels the power of the very stars themselves. The Star Splitter fires out its 24 bullet magazine rather rapidly and will decimate your opponents at medium range. This weapon is not designed to be an incredibly powerful long range or close range weapon, but if you are quick enough you will be able to make very good use of it, especially when used in line with his other skills.

Before I move on I have to talk about the animation of the gun. When Jenos is in play, the centre of his gun will spin on its own little axis, that is what gyros generally tend to do. The source of Star Splitter’s power is that tiny light blue orb of space light in the centre of the gyro. Now when Jenos wants to reload he casts space magic from his left hand into the centre of the gyro in a gorgeous animation. Space magic is the best magic.

Lotus Constellation

The healing ability of Jenos is known as Astral Mark which summons a Lotus constellation above the allied target. This is where Jenos’ set and forget kind of healing style comes in. Once the Astral Mark is applied it will remain there for a total of ten seconds, healing 250 health per second. This means that even if they are beginning to roam out into a dangerous area, you can throw the Lotus on them so they will have a modicum of protection.

This healing ability is not impressive in its healing per second, as any sustained fire could effectively cause it to be null but it is notable with the length of total healing time. If you find a really damaged ally, it can heal a total of 2500 health, which is 500 more than what Seris can heal for example. One cool thing to mention is that Astral Mark, as well as all abilities to come, can be fired through walls. Unlike other healers, you do not need to have a line of sight on your targets, which is amazing.

Scorpion Constellation

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, Jenos’ theme is space and the lovely ability being demonstrated above is known as Void Grip. Void Grip is a CC ability that lifts up an enemy opponent for a grand total of 2.5 seconds effectively removing them from the fight and dealing a grand total of 375 damage. Obviously, this ability is not simply going to be utilised for a slight bit of damage but for the ability to create a large and essentially helpless target for a short time.

Once that Scorpion mark hits a target they are not only removed from the fight but they are an easier target for you and your allies. This is going to make Jenos especially effective against the faster and more mobile Flankers. However, Void Grip is not as overpowered as it sounds, as enemies can escape the gravitational confinement if they manage to move during it. This means any movement abilities will render it ineffective, so use it well and pay attention to your targets.

Rabbit Constellation

Sporting the final constellation of the ability trio is Stellar Wind, which lowers your weapon and renders any and all of your abilities minus your ultimate untoggleable until it is deactivated. Stellar Wind boosts your movement speed by 75% and increases jump height while decreasing fall speed at the same time. No other Champion of the Paladins Realm has a movement skill such as this, but it does have some drawbacks, the most notable of which is the fact that you have to deactivate it before you can fight again as well as the player having to kind of predict the flow of the battle to prepare for escape.

The best thing about Stellar Wind is the fact that it can be kept on forever. You can zip around the payloads and battlefields of the Realm to your heart’s content if you wanted to…but you’d be really ineffective in doing anything else. Either way Stellar Wind is a great addition to Jenos’ arsenal.

Jenos ULT

Now the Ultimate and when I first saw it I was rendered speechless, which doesn’t happen often at all. Known as Through Time And Space, this Ultimate sees Jenos gather energy for 1.5 seconds. During this time he is immune to all forms of crowd control but he can be damaged. He then unleashes a blast of pure cosmos energy in a straight line that deals 2400 damage to any targets it hits AND can pierce through obstacles. This is a huge deal as it makes Jenos a deadly threat to any bunched up teams.

In the gameplay video we see Jenos fire Through Time And Space at a group of Cassie bots and completely annihilate them all at once which was awesome. When Jenos initially activates his Ultimate he is locked in place, meaning that wherever you are aiming, that is where his energy blast will go, allowing the potential for Ultimate dodging if the enemy team is paying close attention.

Also worth noting is the fact that his Ult will hold him in place if activated mid-air, which could lead to some interesting kills and combinations especially if utilising Stellar Wind to jump up and line the perfect shot.

Jenos the Ascended will be arriving in Patch OB55, which should be coming to both PC and console in the very near future.

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