Borderlands 3 Closer In Tone To Borderlands 1

Borderlands 3. We all know it is coming but it is anyone’s guess as to when it will arrive, how the story will unfold and pretty much everything to do with the game. It has been teased a fair while ago that Tannis will play a possible negative role within Borderlands 3 which is honestly no surprise given her insanity and close relationship to the Vault Keys.

However, a series of Tweet replies by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has revealed that the tone of the next game (BL3) will be closer to that of Borderlands 1 than Borderlands 2.

The response in question (as you can see) was in regards to weapon function and the drier kind of humour that Borderlands 1 did so well. If we were to take this at face value it could be that Borderlands 3 will feature similar humour and weapon function as the first instalment, which would mean that weapon proficiencies would make a triumphant return.

For those that are unfamiliar, weapon proficiencies were passive bonuses gain by scoring EXP from any type of kill. Each weapon type had its own set of proficiencies and it essentially rewarded you for weapon dedication. This was changed to a blanket system of Badass Ranks in Borderlands 2.

It would seem that Pitchford and the team at Gearbox are going to return to the darker, deeper kind of humour that made the first game so popular. While Borderlands 2 definitely had its funny moments, it was more of a crazy and chaotic kind of funny as opposed to the darker kind which led to a lot of ‘Oh damn!’ moments, followed by a spree of laughter. This could be a smart move for Gearbox and would definitely make a lot of long term players very happy.

What do you think? Are you excited for a game closer to that of Borderlands 1? Or did you fall in love with the chaos that was Borderlands 2?

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