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Exotic Review: Sweet Business

“…I love my job.”

Ever wanted to run around wielding a rapid firing red and white minigun? Me neither, and that’s what makes the Sweet Business so much better. Benefitted with heavy damage, a large magazine and surprising range, the Sweet Business is the perfect Exotic for all your Kinetic weapon needs.

The Sweet Business is not designed to be a flashy kind of Exotic, more suited to outputting high damage that can mow down enemy after enemy with a hail of bullets while you laugh joyously. The Intrinsic perk is Payday which grants this auto rifle a larger magazine and increased accuracy when firing from the hip. The larger magazine is essential to the whole minigun vibe and is perfect for delivering consistent punishment on your opponents. This perk alone makes it the perfect addition to any PVE or PVP activity on damage dealing alone even if it does seem kind of bland.

Sweet Business comes standard with the Polygonal Rifling barrel which increases stability and is optimised for recoil reduction. The magazine is bolstered by High-Caliber Rounds which knocks back any targets hit by the Sweet Business barrage. It also has the added bonus of slightly increasing range. A slight boost is also granted to the Sweet Business’ stability and handling speed by the Dual-Purpose Stock.

This admittedly well-rounded package is tied all together by the Business Time Trait, which boosts the range of the weapon the longer the trigger is held down as well as loading any ammo pickups directly into the magazine in the true fashion of a minigun.


Sweet Business Gameplay

The Sweet Business may not have flashy Exotic perks that make it really interesting and cool, but it is incredibly practical and a well-rounded weapon. All the perks and interchangeable pieces of the Sweet Business serve to maximise the damage output of the weapon itself. For that reason, it is going to be used heavily in both PVE and PVP.

The Sweet Business isn’t going to be restricted to any one activity due to the balance and versatility of the kit. The fact that it is gifted with longer range and a high magazine encourages players to hold down that trigger and let the bullets fly. Coupled with its surprising stability (for a minigun that is), the Sweet Business makes every bullet count.

However, the downside to this Exotic is the wind-up time, which admittedly is not that long but it does take a few seconds to fully spin up to full bullet churn capacity. This can result in a fair bit of damage being accumulated before you begin to damage back, possibly leading you to more deaths than kills. This is not as huge a problem in PVE but in PVP you may need to anticipate when your opponents are coming around the corner or are going to be firing at you. Meet them with a hail of death.


The Sweet Business can be acquired either through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if the Nine let him place it in his inventory.


  1. As long as you charge the weapon, put up a half barricade or fire into the wall, this weapon rocks in PVP. You just have to use it right. Once you do that in PVP, enemy players scatter like cock roaches when a light switch is turned on. Also good in PVE, as it shreds Ads. Not great in Gambit though. Enemies are stronger and more spread out.


    1. I haven’t used Sweet Business much since I wrote this. I am far too in love with my Le Monarque right now :’)


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