Artist Devon Cady-Lee Talks ‘Gigantic’ Character Design For Ramsay

Ramsay is the newest character to enter the airship of Gigantic, bringing with him a gang leader, bad boy vibe and sporting a deadly, retractable whipblade. In a recent blog post, character design artist Devon Cady-Lee discusses the motivations behind his personality and design.

Ramsay had begun development with a more heroic stance and body proportions due to his athleticism and series of abilities that he utilises to great effect. Lore wise Ramsay is a gang member turned gang leader so it was important that his design conveys strength and power, which was done to great effect.

This dangerous character was initially designed to look a lot older and more grizzled in away, but as numerous trouble making inspirations rose up, including the Green Power Ranger, Ramsay began to take on a younger look which seems to capture his roguish personality amazingly well. It also fits with this statement from Cady-Lee;

“I also felt there weren’t enough playable jerks in Gigantic

Think about other notable ‘jerks’ that have existed in the media industry. Deadpool, Ferris Bueller, Iron Man. All have a roguish personality that comes from their jerkiness, and all have a certain heroic or anti-heroic quality about them. The same could be said for Ramsay, especially when you consider his weapon of choice.

Whipblade Ramsay.jpg

The whipblade. Deadly in close quarters but even deadlier from afar. Motiga wanted a flashy design for his weapon, something that emulated his out-there personality and something that would add some wow factor.

The Nunchaku wasn’t flashy enough. Neither was the subtle but decidedly gangster switchblade. The end result was a spiked, retracting blade that combines the threat of a thrown harpoon or spear, the close range threat of a spiked sword and a boomerang. I think for this sarcastic gang leader, Motiga nailed the arrow on the head with this one.

I highly recommend checking the original blog post, to read first hand the thoughts of character artist Cady-Lee as well as checking out some awesome Gigantic character art.

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