Destiny 2

New Destiny 2 Mode And Trials Of Osiris Themed Map Revealed

Even though the Destiny 2 beta has come and gone with Bungie’s series of ‘dangerous tests’, IGN is not stopping with the exclusive reveals for the upcoming sequel. A new mode known as Survival has been teased, as the modern day successor to the Skirmish game mode. For those unfamiliar, Skirmish was a 3v3 Crucible mode which had longer automatic respawn times, requiring team coordination and lots of reviving (at least in my case – I did and still do, suck at Skirmish).

Altar of Flame D2

Survival is a 4v4 game mode set in the Competitive Queue of Destiny 2, which holds the harder game types and essentially more competitive queues. There is a dedicated pool of respawns for each team, set on the incredibly high (sarcasm) number of eight. That’s right, eight lives per round per team, which means that if just one member of your Fireteam is having a really bad day, the whole team suffers.

This mode is divided up into a series of rounds, with a possible eight deaths per team. If your team happens to lose all their lives, they are eliminated and the opposing team gains a point. The first team to three points wins. Survival is definitely a mode based on team work, as you do not want to be the one dying over and over. Although Lars Bakken discussed in the reveal that Destiny 2 Crucible relies way more on teamwork than the first game;

“That will be the biggest change for people coming between D1 and D2. In D1 you can definitely hold your own a lot easier. In D2, we push on teamwork”

Lars goes on to say that in a 2 on 1 confrontation, the lone player will get melted, so you will always want to be a part of the bigger force.

Candles Altar of Flame D2

A new map was also showcased based on the Vex controlled planet of Mercury, but not just any old location on Mercury. The new map, known as Altar of Flame appears rather similar to the Lighthouse that players could visit after a flawless Trials of Osiris victory. Complete with a lovely ambience courtesy of the overly bright sun and tasteful red candles.

Apparently, Altar of Flame will have links to the mysterious Warlock Osiris, who was last seen heading towards Mercury in order to study the Vex gates. Just quietly I hope we will find out more about him in Destiny 2.

The Curve Altar of Flame D2

One of the challenges with this map design, Lars mentioned, was trying to entice players into intense conflicts over central points. As we all know, without this incentive, players tend to stick to the back areas and pick off stragglers one at a time. That is where Power Ammo comes into it. There is one Power Ammo box on Altar of Flame in an area known as The Curve (for obvious reasons) designed to bring both teams to a climactic struggle over the ammunition. Lots of Guardian lives will be lost in The Curve, that’s for sure.

Survival and Altar of Flame are only the latest tidbits to come out about Destiny 2. As the September 6th release date gets closer and closer, I imagine there will be a lot more exciting reveals. Stay tuned.

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