Destiny 2

Coldheart Trace Rifle Gameplay Shown For Destiny 2: It Will Be A Timed Pre-Order Exclusive.

You may remember if you stretch your minds all the way back to E3, that Coldheart was revealed in a special interview with WWE Legend Big Show. At the time it was speculated to have been a brand new type of Fusion Rifle, or even a Linear Fusion Rifle but with a new IGN exclusive video, we now know that the Coldheart is the first weapon to hold the Trace Rifle archetype.

Coldheart fires a straight supercooled beam that you will have to keep on target for an extended period of time in order to do optimum damage. This Exotic utilises a liquid ammo that also doubles as a unique type of coolant for the weapon, allowing for the unrelenting beam of frosty energy.

Feel the freeze

The Coldheart is of Omolon make but Bungie wanted to deviate from the typical design choices of that weapon foundry and start to make a weapon that was worthy of the Exotic designation. As the icy coils begin to light up and the weapon begins to shudder, you know that icy death will soon follow.

We learn in the IGN video, alongside some sweet gameplay, that even though the Coldheart fires a straight beam, it takes skill to master it and get a feel for the weapon itself. Apparently, there is a decent amount of recoil that occurs when you are in the process of firing it.

Weapon close up

Jill Scharr, a writer for Bungie stated that they follow the philosophy of six-word stories when designing weapon names, as well as the flavour text. What this means is, that in a few words, a story is created – the next page in a book. This is where my nerdy love of stories takes over – Jill said that because the coils and tubes of the weapon look like the chambers of a heart, this naturally led them to the name ‘Coldheart’. A badass name, that leaves you wanting more and that you can create your own lore or narratives around.

Like I mentioned earlier, Coldheart is the very first of its archetype to exist in Destiny 2, but that does not mean that it will be the only one to ever come to the franchise Senior Gameplay Designer Jon Weisnewski said;

“Coldheart is going to be the first and only Trace Rifle in players hands, but it absolutely has the potential to become a new archetype”

The Coldheart will be one of many new and interesting Exotics, that do not just have interesting perks but which also present interesting weapon designs and types to make them feel truly Exotic.

Coldheart Preorder Bonus

Coldheart is exclusive to those who pre-order Destiny 2, that is until the clock ticks over to December 5th, at which point it will be available to all players, whether you pre-ordered or not. Destiny 2 is almost here Guardians and I for one will definitely be adding the Coldheart to my arsenal – Stay Frosty.

Below is the pre-order trailer, definitely check it out if for nothing else than the apt use of ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’;


  1. Hey, do you remember when Destiny/Activision and Red bull ran that promo that you pop in your codes and you get a doubling xp booster? It appears something like that is back, only now its with rockstar energy drinks… check out youtube to see if this is just a rumor OR it may be true about a d2 promo going on via energy cans cause the video does seem possible proof but then again who knows…


    1. I will definitely check it out. Thank you for letting me know. I can’t remember if the Redbull one was that successful but if they are bringing it back I would assume it was.


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