For Honor

Dedicated Servers Are Coming To For Honor As Well As Two New Seasons

Ubisoft Montreal has outlined their plans for the online fighting game For Honor, which includes design updates, regular hero balancing and new content. However, the biggest change is the announcement that dedicated servers are finally going to assist with matchmaking and the lag that is sometimes prevalent in-game.

This move will only be good for the PVP side of For Honor, which is what players keep coming back for. The perfect blend of history based combat is an interesting and unique take on the third-person, action, fighting game – I have no idea which genre is more prevalent.

Two new seasons have already been announced, each with two new playable heroes and two new maps among other things. Season 3 will begin in August 2017, while Season 4 will take off in November. A duel tournament feature will enter into beta mode during Season 3, which will be a great addition for those players with a little more competitive fire and desire to top the leaderboards, while Season 4 will showcase a new 4v4 PVP mode and a 4v4 ranked feature.

For Honor Viking.jpg

This comes with a spree of new emotes, executions (YES), outfits and ornaments, alongside new weapon and armour variations. Legendary Armour and Weapons are going to make a triumphant entrance during the course of Season 3, which will give players something to strive for and unlock, and hopefully, they will be worth the Legendary status!




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