Elder Scrolls Online

Get Some Blood On Your Hands: An In-Depth Look At Elder Scrolls Online’s Bloodroot Forge

This August Elder Scrolls Online will be unleashing their latest DLC pack entitled Horns of the Reach (10 points if you can guess what it is about), which will feature two new cooperative Dungeons – Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. Let us take a look at what we can expect to find when we delve into the lava filled caverns of Bloodroot Forge.

The Threat

Bloodroot Forge- The Threat

Delve into a lava filled Dungeon that plays host to the Dreadhorn Clan, a made-in-hell alliance between the less-than-happy Minotaurs and changed Reachmen. The Dreadhorns have been terrorising the peaceful people of the Jerall Mountains relentlessly which has resulted in many villagers being kidnapped for some unknown purpose. We will be delving in an ancient and primal Dungeon that has recently been unearthed…and it isn’t a good thing that it now sees the light of day. There is something dangerous down there, something unknowable, something angry.

Hope You Like Lava…And Vines

Bloodroot Warriors.jpg

The road to the Forge is not paved with yellow bricks that’s for sure. Dark twisting vines that radiate an ominous energy will watch and wait, trying to ensnare you alongside pulsating veins of Nirncrux. The vines you will discover are not normal vines, seeming to draw up the Nirncrux from the very depths of Elder Scrolls hell, which will bathe the area in a sickly red glow.

Although that could be from the lava which is everywhere providing a nice homey ambience…if you live inside a volcano. Although the environment in Bloodroot Forge will play an active role in your traversal and survival. The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dungeon Lead, Mike Finnigan has said;

“From the start of the lava cave (called Sanguinary Veins), there are various places where you see rocks falling from the ceiling into the lakes, creating temporary platforms, so you get to see that unique gameplay element telegraphed before the upcoming boss fight” 

I cannot wait to dive in and see what the lava filled hellscape has in store for me.

Nirnblooded Creatures

Nirnblooded Creatures.jpg

The Nirncrux. It does weird things, terrible things to the creatures of the Forge. Enter the Nirnblooded Beasts, magical creatures that have been imbued with the Nirncrux and summoned by a powerful Hagraven that inhabits the Forge (When there’s Reachmen, there’s Hagravens). All these unique creatures may look familiar to foes you have faced before, but make no mistake, these beasts require great team coordination and constant mobility…if you want to live of course.

It isn’t just the beasts of the Forge that have been altered. The Reachmen themselves have taken on a new form, twisted and morphed by the Nirncrux Heartstones. No more Briarhearts for these Reachmen and they are all the more dangerous for it.

*Music Intensifies* Dungeon Boss Time

Iron Atronach

If you want to uncover the secrets of the Bloodroot Forge, you will have to carve your way through a series of five unique bosses, each with their own mechanics. “It’s important to have mechanics that are both easy to identify and have a big payoff when you do them right“, says Finnigan, “It cannot be too difficult, but at the same time it has to feel rewarding when you do it“.

From the seemingly straightforward Nirnblooded Bear Mathgamain to the Hagraven Caillaoife, these bosses are no pushovers and each will have their own set of rules and mechanics, which you must play by in order to defeat them. Caillaoife has a similar ability to the Wardens Healing Grove but with one fun little twist…it has different effects depending on whether you are inside the radius or outside. If you are successful in facing the Forge, you will eventually face an Iron Atronach by the name of Earthgore Amalgam who is fuelled by fire and blood and given unholy life by the dark energies of the Forge.

Rewards! Get That Loot

Bloodroot Forge Loot.png

The Forge holds many mysteries. Secret and deadly blood rituals are one and awesome armour sets are the other. As you battle your way through Bloodroot Forge, each of the bosses will drop a piece of armour belonging to one of three sets. There will be a Light, Medium and Heavy Forge based armour to acquire inside the Dungeon. Like the Blooddrinker Set, a medium armour which increases the Bleed Damage dealt by any abilities by a full and massive 20%.

Not your thing? What about an Earthgore Set which increases the healing done by you and provides additional healing bonuses to allies who are under 50% health via a very cool but ominous pool of blood.

Hakkvild High Hall.png

That’s not all though. Completing the Bloodroot Forge Dungeon on normal will net you a unique mounted trophy that you can use at any of your homes. A veteran completion will grant you a bust and a Keptu-Horn Skull Sallet collectable. If you happen to complete both the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold Dungeons on veteran, you will gain the ability to purchase a Nord style manor, Hakkvild High Hall, with gold.

The Horns of the Reach DLC, which will bring the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold Dungeons will be coming to Elder Scrolls Online sometime in August 2017. It is not long to wait and soon we can uncover the bloody rituals that occur deep within the Forge.




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