Death of the Outsider Dishonored 2

Choosing Your Contracts In Death Of The Outsider

The Death of the Outsider is a standalone DLC for Dishonored featuring two very familiar assassins – Daud and Billie Lurk. These legendary assassins were gifted with some of the Outsider’s power, the shadowy figure that lurks in the Void, watching and waiting.

Daud views the Outsider as the cause of corruption in the Empire – if the Outsider goes away, then all will be good again. This logic is a bit flawed, considering it wasn’t the Outsider that forced Daud to kill all those people, including the Empress but I digress.

You may or may not know this but in Death of the Outsider we will be able to pick and choose contracts to undertake, as Billie Lurk (aka Megan Foster) and Daud put their plan into action.

Contracts are optional missions in the Dishonored universe, gathered from the seedy Black Market shops that are scattered all around Karnaca. The Contracts will take you all over the city, from the lowest slums to the top of high society, which if we are being real here, is even shadier. It is Dishonored after all. These optional missions will be rewarding and will gather you more wealth than you will know what to do with if you complete them right.

The Contracts can be failed if you do not complete the objectives correctly but it isn’t a huge deal, you will just forfeit the sweet goodies and rewards. Maybe that is a big deal, but it isn’t a game ender which is the important thing here.

The Outsider.jpg

One of the cooler things that have been rattling around in my Dishonored obsessed skull is the potential to hunt and take down others who are blessed with the Outsider’s glorious gift. Maybe we will find individuals who are just as powerful as Corvo, Emily and Daud, which will present challenging assassinations. Not only that, we will also get to undertake a high-level bank heist, the possibly gothic and Outsider-obsessed Eyeless Gang (which I kind of hope it is like it sounds – Creepy/10) and the immortal Envisioned.

The Envisioned intrigue me, yet not much is known thus far about them. They are obviously connected to the Outsider in some way and the fact they are immortal may present an awesome and interesting gameplay element. They could be similar to Granny Rags, in that they can only be killed if certain conditions are met. Either way, it is very exciting!


Death of the Outsider will arrive on the 15th of September, 2017 so it is not too long to wait. I do hope (maybe somewhat foolishly given the title) that we will be able to not kill the Outsider in the end. I do love my angsty, gothic, immortal, corruption-causing God.



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