Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017 Is On Its Way. Lucioball Is Back!

Let’s cut straight to the chase, the Summer Games are coming back, which means the beloved game mode Lucioball is being booped right back in. In the latest Overwatch developer update, Jeff Kaplan informed us about all the changes coming with the Summer Games 2K17.


Blizzard has listened to players feedback about the 2016 Summer Games and have made some improvements to the event and most importantly, to Lucioball. For those that are not familiar or who did not partake in the Summer Games last year, Lucioball is a fast-paced, 3v3 soccer match in which teams of Lucio’s try to score points utilising his sound-boost push back ability.

In the developer update, one of the main changes that were addressed was the ability to ‘boop’ the opposing goalie out of the way in order to score easy goals. A little underhanded and annoying, so now Lucioball goalies everywhere will be able to breathe a little easier. Not only that but his Ultimate has been altered during the event. Instead of pulling the ball towards the player, Lucio’s Ult will now allow him to move faster, jump higher and reduce the cooldown on his alternative fire allowing you to ‘boop’ the overly large soccerball a lot more often.

The Summer Games 2016 was done in order to celebrate the Rio Olympics and with the return of Lucioball, we will see the return of the Rio Stadium, as well as a brand new one featuring Sydney, Australia (It’s nice to see my city get some love).

Lucioball Skins

Of course, with the re-arrival of the Summer Games, we will see an influx of new Skins, Sprays and other cosmetic items which will show the world of Overwatch that you stood tall and conquered in Lucioball. Junkrat is going to be getting a Legendary sports-themed skin while Mercy is getting some athletic love in what Jeff described as his favourite skin of all time. Not only that but apparently Widowmaker and McCree will also be getting some love during the event.

As for all the old skins, like that wrestling-style Zarya skin I’ve been wanting for ages, will be available once again, for a discounted price of 1000 Credits, allowing all players to get their hands on their favourite sports themed skins from last year.

Finally, there will be a competitive card added for serious Lucioballers who want to fight for a spot in the Top 500. While you will still be able to play casually, any players who complete their ten placement matches will get a unique spray, while another special spray will be awarded to those who make it into the Top 500.

The Summer Games 2017 will run for three weeks beginning on August 8th 2017. Get ready to boop your way to victory.

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