Competitive Paladins Is Getting a Revamp In OB56. Meet Ranked 2.0.

It’s finally happening. Paladins is getting a competitive update that will change the game in a big, positive way. The new scheme will reward those players who have played skillfully over a consistent period and not just granting higher ranks for players who got lucky with team composition.

Well, the tiers are still going to remain the same in competitive Paladins, with the seven original tiers still being utilised – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster. However, each of the tiers will now have five tier divisions for players to climb through. In order to progress to the next tier, you must first fight your way through each tier division, similar to the ranking systems in soccer and football.

Before we get into it all one thing should be mentioned. The new competitive system will be a clean slate for everyone as a competitive hard rest will go into effect, which is a good thing. Maybe not so good for those players who have gotten all the way to the top though.

Triumph Points

Progress is granted through Triumph Points (TP) which are gained by winning matches while losses while result in you losing some TP. Hopefully, the drop in TP will not be as drastic and annoying as it is now. Once you reach the lofty heights of 100 TP, you will have to win the next match in order to progress to the next division. Think of it as a qualifying match. Once you have battled your way through each division, you will be promoted to the next tier. Unlike the current system, however, players will be protected from losing their freshly achieved division/tier for five matches after they have ranked up. On the flip side, if you have a horrendous streak of luck and get rattled down to 0 TP, you will undertake another qualifying match to see if you are to remain in your current division/tier or be dropped down.

Speaking of qualifying matches, you will now have to partake in a series of 15 qualifying matches, where you earn no TP but which will help determine your correct tier and division for when you are thrown into the shark infested ocean that is competitive. This is a welcome change, especially combined with the fact that competitive progress is solely account based and is not split into different character progress sections.

Rank Decay

Make sure you are going to stay active because with Ranked 2.0 there will be a feature that slowly dissolves your rank away over time if you have not been active competitively for a while. Gotta keep that leaderboard active and fresh!

Competitive Rewards

Paladins Chests

This is exciting stuff, as Hi-Rez are finally granting rewards to those who play competitive Paladins. Currently, there is no real incentive to play competitive other than a hunt for a real challenge. It is simply casual with bans in place. But more people will be encouraged to play competitively with exclusive rewards which include;

  • A Weapon Chest after 25 competitive matches played.
  • A Champion Chest after completing your 15 qualifying matches.
  • Epic Drogoz set for players who reached Gold 5 or above.
  • Epic Drogoz weapon for 100 competitive matches played.
  • Unique Title, “Forged In Battle” for 200 competitive matches won.
  • Possible Crystal rewards for reaching Master/Grandmaster.

These rewards are a great addition as they will benefit all players and not just those with a premade team or a higher skill.

We will learn more about the new competitive system in the OB56 Patch Preview tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the details.




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