Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Realm News: Experience The Way Of The Warrior In Patch OB56

With Jenos the Ascended thoroughly descended and OB55 safely in the grasp of PC and console players alike, the time has come to talk about the reveals that have come within the latest Paladins Twitch Stream. Dubbed the Way Of The Warrior, it really should have been called the Skins Show The Way. Seriously, there are so many skins coming with OB56 – prepare for a lot of awesome pictures.

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As with all the previous patches, we will see an influx of new Mastery Skins and this time some fan favourites are getting some love. Bomb King, Skye and Fernando are getting decked out with some nice Obsidian and Cosmic colourings. Save up your coins and prepare yourself for Mastery.

Atomic Kinessa

Next up is an uncommon skin for the premiere bounty hunter, Kinessa. With white hair, Nessa is really showing her age but I have to say the white and purple are a match made in heaven. What really excites me about this skin is the silver vambraces on her arms and the greaves on her legs which add an extra layer of badassery to the skin.

Ash Dragon Cannon

You may have noticed the feature image of this article, depicting Ash all decked out in Samurai gear. She has now taken on the role of the wandering Ronin, which suits her because of her moving shield. The stream got really centred around the amazing design of the Dragon on Ash’s cannon, but I cannot blame them, I would have done the same thing. The Dragon design reminds me greatly of Tyra’s recent Direwolf grenade launcher/assault rifle but of course, it is gold and more badass. Ronin Ash is an Epic skin that will be acquirable via a direct purchase for Crystals, but she comes with a twist.

Skye In-Game

Purchasing the Ronin Ash will grant you a unique quest in which Kunoichi Skye is the prize. With this new quest, you will need to score a certain amount of kills or deal a certain amount of damage after your Ronin Ash purchase. Now, for all those non-Skye players (me) you will not miss out because this quest can be completed via any of the Champions. No one will be left out.

Skye Weapon Inspect

A Kunoichi is simply a modern term for a practitioner of ninjutsu. Simply put Skye is a ninja now – with her poison and her smoke bombs and her new shuriken launcher, she really fits the bill. That’s right Kunoichi Skye now fires lethal shurikens that no one would want to be on the receiving end of.

Necromancer Chest

There will also be a new chest, that will contain EPIC SKINSThe Necromancer Chest is one I am incredibly excited about because it has an item for my main girl Seris.

Seris Necromantic Weapon

Bones, greenness and awesome effects are on the menu for any weapon you acquire out of the Necromancer Chest. Only three Champions are getting the necrotic treatment and it does seem to be for Champs that haven’t gotten nearly enough love as they should have.

Lex Necromantic Weapon

Zhin Necromantic Weapon

Lex and Zhin are also on the hit list the become undead and I have to say it has never made them look more alive. Each of these Epic weapons not only looks great and holds all the new unique effects but each ability that utilises the weapon in question will also become susceptible to the new effects.

You may have also noticed in some of the above pictures, that they are being held up and different angles allowing you to inspect them. It is here guys and gals, Paladins is providing us with a new inspect feature for our weapons. This new cosmetic ability is kind of like a new emote as pointed out by Raynday and is mapped to the Q key for PC players, while it is still unknown what button it will be mapped to on console. This new inspection ability will work for all Champions and all weapons/skins. It can also be cancelled in-game either by pressing the activation button once again or by firing your weapon. This is a great addition as there is nothing more embarassing than being killed mid-emote.

Ranked Matches

Ranked 2.0 Tiers

Ranked 2.0 was revealed via a Paladins dev stream a couple days ago, but more information has been delivered unto us with the latest Patch Preview. Even though the initial Competitive scene in Paladins was a little rough at times, it was a testing phase, trying to ensure that the next iteration was even better and based on what we have seen so far, it is on the right track.

In the new version, there will be the original seven tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster) which will be split up into five divisions each, with the exception of Master and Grandmaster. Players will need to undertake a series of fifteen qualifying matches which will determine your tier and division. You will then need to earn your way through the divisions with Triumph Points.

Each tier has five divisions with the exception of the top two. You will be granted the Master tier if you are above the Diamond rank and to become a Grandmaster, you will need to be one of the 100 top players in the region. Each region will have its own set of top players, which gives everyone a slightly higher chance to enter into those lofty ranks.

An important thing to note is that progress is now restricted to each player’s Account and it is no longer tracked via Champion. That being said, there are still Champion leaderboards to prove you are the best of the best. On top of that, Competitive matchmaking has been altered quite a bit. From the Bronze to Platinum ranks/divisions you will be able to queue in with a 5 person premade team, however, once you reach Diamond you will only be allowed to queue in with one other person (Dual) who is of the same skill rank. The same setup is in place for qualifying matches in order to prevent players from jumping to a higher rank than would be fair. Qualifying matches=two party members maximum.

Terrormorph Drogoz

Drogoz is also getting a limited skin that will not be available forever. Newer players in a year or two will be left heartbroken at this badass red and black Drogoz – the Terrormorph. This is a free Epic skin that you can gain via the Competitive Paladins scene. Complete your fifteen qualifying matches and earn your way up to Gold 5 (division 5) at which point you will be instantly rewarded with the skin, voice pack and spray of the Terrormorph.

The weapon has a different challenge attached, but one no less difficult. The weapon will be gifted to any and all players who earn 100 total wins in Competitive. Not an easy feat but well worth it. Remember the Terrormorph is only a limited skin and once it is gone it will never come back.

There you have it guys and gals, OB56 is on the horizon and bringing with it a lot more awesome skins and awesome content. Paladins OB56 should be rolling out in the next couple of weeks and I can finally get my hands on that awesome necrotic Seris orb.

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