Death of the Outsider

Death Of The Outsider Will Wrap Up The Empress Jessamine Arc And Feature New Abilities

Death of the Outsider is a standalone experience that will entice new players and veterans alike, with its corrupt dystopian setting and violent murders. You come for the lovely setting, you stay for the murder. In a new Youtube video on the official Bethesda channel, Creative Director for Dishonored, Harvey Smith talked about how Death of the Outsider will fit into the unique universe. 

The choice to make Death of the Outsider a standalone game as opposed to the DLC was a move by Bethesda to not only wrap up the arc that was precipitated by the murder of Empress Jessamine, but to also allow newer players to still jump right into the game and enjoy a classic Dishonored type experience. What was exciting is the prospect that there will be further Dishonored games in the future presumably set in a different part of the universe and with a new tragedy.

New Clockwork Soldiers

The Death of the Outsider will feature, for the first time ever, a playable Billie Lurk (aka Megan Foster) who will hold onto a powerful arsenal of new powers, weaponry and gadgets to help her succeed in her quest to murder everyone’s favourite angsty Goth-God.

New enemies, such as the Immortal Envisioned and improved Clockwork Soldiers will harass and hunt you at every turn plus the Outsider isn’t going to be idle. Fingers crossed we will get to fight other Outsider-blessed individuals like Corvo or Emily. Who knows?

One thing is for sure – when players return to the seedy underbelly (and overbelly) of the Empire of the Isles, a whole host of new surprises will be waiting. 

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