Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Competitive Trailer Showcases Exotic Weapon Gameplay + New Emotes

Over the last few months, we have been privy to tease after tease of Exotic weapons and armour in the assorted Destiny 2 trailers. Well, today is a day for Exotics my friends because Bungie has released a new Crucible trailer in which we get to see a fair bit of awesome gunplay.

Weird Grapple Hook Thing Blast

You may remember this odd, prototype looking weapon from earlier in the year, which I have dubbed the weird grappling hook thing. Well, it is definitely not a grappling hook because it is capable of delivering an intense blast of Void energy in a short radius which eliminates any and all enemies in the vicinity. While its name is still under wraps at this point in time, there is no way this weapon is anything other than a Power weapon, with lethality like that.

Dubious Volley

The Dubious Volley has also gotten a new coat of paint making it look decidedly more beat up and deadly than it did before.

Dubious Volley

It is quite possible that this is a simple new weapon skin which based on the added attachments and red cables could be a SIVA skin. However, the weapon still remains the deadliest barrage-firing rocket launcher out there.

Destiny 2 Finger Gun

There were also a few new Destiny 2 emotes revealed throughout the trailer but the only one worth mentioning (in my eyes) is the finger guns. Seriously, it is as if Bungie looked into my day to day interactions and saw that I always finger gun. This emote is one that I am definitely adding to my arsenal. Always remember, Finger Guns are the deadliest guns.

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