Death of the Outsider

Death Of The Outsider Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Gadgets And Death-Dealing Powers

A new gameplay trailer was released for Death of the Outsider in which we take up the mantle of Billie Lurk and alongside the Knife of Dunwall himself (Daud) attempt to take down the Outsider.

The new trailer showcases an array of new abilities and gadgets that definitely gets the blood pumping, but without further ado let’s get into it.

Vacuum Gadget DOTO

Starting off with a new trap which appears to have a vortex-like ability that draws in the nearest enemy in a dramatic and violent way. The applications for this are endless as it can not only outright kill the unfortunate victim (as it does in the gameplay trailer) but it could also drag them off cliffs, into previously set traps or just out of the way.

Billie Lurk Dart Firing

Now we have what I can only assume will be a constant companion during Death of the Outsider – a dart firing propulsion system mounted on the underside of the left arm. This can not only straight up kill enemies if you hit them in the right spot but can break through glass windows and assorted other practical applications.

The previous Dishonored games had an upgrade system for the weapons, abilities and gadgets that you utilised throughout your journey and it seems Death of the Outsider is no different. At the 1:11 mark in the gameplay trailer we see Billie Lurk fire the dart at an enemy, who is then set on fire. Definitely a potential upgrade system for those darts at the very least.

New Abilities

Rope Teleport DOTO

It would not be a Dishonored game without a trusty teleport ability and Billie definitely comes equipped. With similarities to Emily’s Far Reach ability, Billie follows the path of the purple rope, with it rapidly pulling her to the target location. Fun bonus twist, if you teleport into an enemy, they appear to become violently eviscerated. Can someone say fun at parties?

Knockback DOTO

This next ability I am a big fan of, because of how it utilises Lurk’s weapon. She imbues it with a strange blue energy that is unleashed when she undertakes a slashing motion. Everything within the radius of the blue glow is sent flying, which I can see being a great distraction or a lethal murder tool.

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This next ability appears to be similar in application to Domino but with a more spectacular end result. You can notice the green glow that originates from the head/body of the victim on the ground, but after the explosion, not only is that glow gone but so is the body itself. This leads me to believe that Lurk can set a mind trap of sorts that detonates when the individual dies.

DOTO Soul Steal

I’ve saved the best (and most confusing) for last. This last ability involves Lurk placing enemies into a chokehold and sucking their face right off their body. Talk about having someone in the palm of your hand am I right? This could be a deceptive kind of ability, allowing Lurk to take on the appearance of her foes in order to infiltrate organisations in a low chaos way.

Death of the Outsider will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on September 15th, 2017. What do you think of the new abilities we will be getting in Death of the Outsider?

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