Top 10 Favourite Video Game Weapons

There are so many iconic and amazing weapons throughout the history of video games. From the practical to the ludicrously awesome, the arsenals that gamers are given access to not only shape our experiences but also live on forever in our hearts, minds and the dead bodies of those who get in our way. I have compiled a list of some of my favourite weapons that I have come across.

At this point you might have run into a ton of articles like this, talking about favourite weapons, armour, scenes and the like, so what’s the harm in one more. Well, let’s just get into it.

GLOO Cannon (Prey)

Gloo Cannon.jpg

When I first started Prey I wasn’t completely into it, but a month or so later when I went back I realised what a moron I had been. The Gloo Cannon is the staple of Prey whose unique design and firing substance are made better by its practical application. Firing a rapid-cooling glue-like substance the Gloo Cannon gets you through the game in relatively one piece. From freezing enemies in their tracks to blocking doorways and bursts of electrical energy, the Gloo Cannon is not lethal on its own but is the most practical tool in your inventory. Not to mention, you can use the rapidly cooling glue to create makeshift staircases and walkways, which is incredibly handy.

Baby Maker (Borderlands 2)

Baby Maker

Borderlands 2 is known for its insane and incredibly powerful weapons and the Baby Maker is no exception. It doesn’t look that remarkable and despite its pretty colour it does not seem worth a Legendary slot. However, the staple of the Baby Maker is its reload, which in the true fashion of a Tediore weapon, causes the gun to be thrown like a grenade after every reload. What makes the Baby Maker so freaking powerful is the fact that the more ammo you have in the clip when you reload, the more damage the gun-grenade explosion does. It is simply a beast.

Pimpernel (Borderlands 2)


Ahhh the Pimpernel, this great Borderlands 2 sniper rifle famed for its incredible damage potential and weird name. I usually am not a fan of any sniper rifle that involves multiple bullets being fired but I’m okay with the Pimpernel for the simple fact that five other bullet-pellets will fan out in a star pattern after the initial shot is fired. They spread outwards from where the first bullet made contact and each deals the same amount of damage as that first shot meaning that on critical hits, each pellet does critical hit damage. The Pimpernel is heaven sent and is actually really easy to get, acquirable as a quest reward for ‘Don’t Copy That Floppy’ in the Captain Scarlett DLC.

Wabbajack (Skyrim)


If you are going to have a crazy, unpredictable god in a video game, you better have a weapon to match. Meet the Wabbajack, which you can get by visiting Solitude and seeing a crazy man run between the Blue Palace and Castle Dour. The Wabbajack is a weapon for anyone who does not care what happens. Will you shoot a fireball? Will you turn invisible? Summon a chicken? Summon a Daedra? Will it not work? Who knows! The only thing that is missing from the Wabbajack is the ability to turn random objects into cheese!

Red Death (Destiny)

Red Death.jpg

Red Death may not be the most spectacular and flashy of the Destiny Exotics (cough cough Gjallarhorn) but it is definitely powerful. Red Death was one of my favourite and most used weapons throughout Destiny and for good reason. Great stability and great reload combined with an instant heal upon every kill made for some amazing clutch moments. Plus look at the design of this gun, it looks deadly, as if you could just start stabbing people with the front half of the gun when you run out of bullets. Great way to vent anger.

SAW (Halo)

Halo 4 SAW

The SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon was a popular weapon in Halo 4 as it delivered heavy and sustained punishment over a relatively long period of time. A large magazine, sweet firing sound and sleek design quickly placed the SAW into my heart and secured a place on this list. Though it does come with downsides, the main one being its recoil, which can be bypassed if you fire in short bursts. But I tell you, even though you play as a Mjolnir armour-wearing super soldier, there is something about the SAW that makes me feel powerful.

Battle Rifle (Halo)

Battle Rifle

The Battle Rifle is a simple name for a multitude of guns spanning almost the entire history of Halo. With a three round burst that is quite accurate, the Battle Rifle is a staple for any sort of ranged combat. With a practical amount of bullets in the magazine, it is perfect for on the move ranged gunplay, which is awesome because that is just my style…except when I get a hold of an Energy Sword, then it’s just close range carnage.

Dual Hidden Blades (Assassins Creed)

Dual Hidden Blades.png

You would be hard pressed to find any gamer that has not heard of or seen the iconic Hidden Blades from Assassins Creed. The trusty tool of the assassin trade, this slide out blade appears as if from nowhere to impale, slash, stab and otherwise kill the unsuspecting victim. The Hidden Blade has been an ever present weapon in the Assassins Creed series but it wasn’t until AC2 that we were able to use two. Because two is infinitely better than one. Although one of them is always conveniently taken away from us at the beginning of the next game. Not cool Ubisoft, not cool.

Groovitron (Ratchet and Clank)


The Ratchet and Clank series is known for their wacky characters and even wackier weapons. It is truly a violent, cartoony art piece. None rates higher in wackiness and sheer utility than the Groovitron. Yes, it is what it sounds like. When thrown out, the Groovitron causes enemies to dance uncontrollably to disco music, which makes them very vulnerable. The Groovitron can be used to escape tight situations or to make it easier to pick off your opponents. Or if you are really feeling it, you can try and dance along with it – who ever said disco was dead?

Hemlock BF-R (Titanfall 2)

Hemlock Titanfall 2

The Hemlock is my absolute favourite weapon to dominate with in Titanfall 2. Now Titanfall 2 is not stingy with its weapons at all, there being plenty of sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, anti-titan weapons and more besides. But the Hemlock feels like heaven and performs like a dream. This weapon is burst fire which is always a bonus in my book but it has such amazing stability and range that it becomes ideal for almost every scenario. In Titanfall 2 the combat is extremely rapid, with not a lot of time to react to new threats or stimuli, but with how responsive and practical the Hemlock is, it never seems to be a problem. Plus you can make it pretty so that’s a bonus.

There you have it, some of my favourite weapons that have captured my heart in a violent, death-dealing way. What are some of your favourite video game weapons?

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