Gigantic’s Corruption Patch Brings Custom Matches and Mischievous New Hero: Oru

A new patch for Gigantic has recently been released. Entitled the Corruption update, this patch brings in a cheeky new character and the ability to play custom matches, among other balance changes.

The Custom Matches, which is still in beta at this point, allows players to form 5v5 matches without having to enter the general matchmaking pool. The catch to this is that you have to form two full teams of five in order to play. How it works is quite simple, one team of five will play as host of the match and will navigate through the map selection screen until they come to the option of generating a unique match code. That match code is given to the host of the other team who enters it into the Join tab of the Custom Match screen. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Motiga has said that this version of Custom Matches was a way to get the feature out there while enabling them to work on it behind the scenes.

Cerberus Pup.jpg

There were also changes to the way Creatures are summoned, in regards to their summoning time and vulnerability. When a Creature is first placed onto a Power Circle they enter a kind of gestation stage in which they are completely helpless, cannot earn Power and cannot fight back. This allows for opposing teams to eliminate them if you are not paying attention and places more value on strategic Creature placement, not while in battle.

The channelling time to summon a Creature is reduced by 50%, from six seconds to three seconds while young Creatures must gestate for three seconds before they are truly summoned. This will not really affect the game as much but with adult Creatures, they must gestate for a full 20 seconds before entering the fray.

Oru The Fortune Teller


Now onto the cheeky Oru who uses unique cards to tell the future. However, he doesn’t need them to know he is going to be victorious.

Oru’s basic attack is known as Judgement in which he throws out a Judgement card that deals damage and inflicts a burning effect. Next up is a set of cards known as The Beast, which involves Oru throwing out three The Beast cards with each one inflicting slow onto whichever enemy target it hits.

Oru The Joker.png

There is definitely a theme emerging here as he also utilises a series of cards known as The Joker, which involves Oru placing down three Joker cards as a trap, blowing back an enemy and dealing damage. All his cards come into play with his Cosmic Power ability which deals a little damage and reveals the enemy’s held cards. If they are holding Judgement they will take an additional burst of damage while holding the Beast will inflict a crowd control effect known as Daze. Cosmic Power has an AOE which can reveal both cards to every enemy in the area of the attack.

Oru’s Focus Skill is known as Death Dealer and sends him into the air to rapidly throw Death cards towards your enemies. After every card has been dealt, the cards are revealed dishing out a burst of damage. This skill can be controlled while in the sky so you do not have to dish out all the cards to a single target.

Gigantic’s Corruption Update is live now and if you want to see the full list of changes you can check them out here. What are you waiting for, the Airship is about to leave.

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