Star Wars Battlefront 2

Meet The Classes Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Class System in Star Wars Battlefront 2 presents four unique classes that all function together to present a cohesive and unstoppable team. The cumulative teams at DICE, Criterion and EA Motive wanted each of the classes to function as they do in the Star Wars movies. So an Officer leads while a Heavy is an unrelenting source of damage and blaster projectiles.

Each Class and every unique character have a series of Star Cards which come in different rarity levels and alter the abilities of Battlefront’s characters.

Assault Class

Battle Droid

The Assault Class are the Troopers who utilise high mobility and are most effective as damage dealers and flankers at close to medium range. The Assault Troopers are those that help clear the way for their teammates to move in and demolish the opposition.

Star Cards

  • Thermal Detonator: A basic grenade with a large blast radius and high damage that works on a timed fuse.
  • Vanguard Replenish: Marks enemies and makes them easier to hunt down. Boosts the sprint speed. Draws a close-range weapon that builds no heat. The active ability is extended whenever a kill is scored.
  • Barrage: In the barrage configuration, the Multi-Purpose Launcher functions as a launcher with multiple small grenades.
  • Assault Training (Passive): Gain a small amount of health for each defeated enemy.


Heavy Class

Heavy Trooper

The Heavy Class moves a lot slower than the other Battlefront 2 classes but they can absorb a lot more punishment and pump out an unrelenting hail of damage. They are designed to lay down suppressing fire, hold any objectives and push through enemy lines.

Star Cards

  • Combat Shield: A small forward-facing shield that allows the user to fire the primary weapon while slowly advancing.
  • Sentry: Enter a powerful mode by wielding a heavy repeating blaster with massive damage at the cost of severely limited movement.
  • Barrage: In the Barrage configuration, this Multi-Purpose Launcher functions as a launcher with multiple small grenades.
  • Defender (Passive): Gain a small amount of score each time damage is taken or a shield absorbs damage.


Specialist Class


The Specialist is the ranged class that employs deadly traps that can hinder and damage your enemies. With decent mobility but low durability, the Specialist is designed to stay back and harry forces out of range from enemy Assault and Heavy Troopers.

Star Cards

  • Trip Mine: Anti-Personnel mine with a laser tripwire. Detonates when an enemy soldier crosses the tripwire.
  • Infiltration Replenish: Reveal all enemies on the scanner. Scramble enemy scanners in close proximity. Draw a medium-range weapon that builds no heat.
  • Detonite Charge: A powerful explosive that is manually detonated.
  • Scout Pistol: A quick-firing sidearm weapon that can be drawn when a primary weapon is overheated or disrupted.
  • Stealth (Passive): Hidden from enemy scanners while sprinting. Deal increased melee damage.


Officer Class


The Officers in Battlefront 2 are designed to support their troops with an array of heavy fire and abilities that bolster the team. They are an ever-present force on the front lines with a moderate amount of mobility.

Star Cards

  • Blaster Turret: A deployable turret that fires at enemy soldiers and vehicles. Can be picked up, repaired and detonated.
  • Battle Command Fortitude: Issue a Battle Command that inspires friendlies in a small vicinity to push themselves harder, making them able to withstand more damage.
  • Detonite Charge: A powerful explosive that is manually detonated.
  • Barrage: In the barrage configuration, the Multi-Purpose Launcher functions as a launcher with multiple small grenades.
  • Officer’s Presence: Nearby allies recover sooner from taking damage.


Special Characters

SWB2 Flametrooper

The Special Characters are a step between Troopers and Heroes. Their purpose is to break stalemates at certain choke points, leap over enemy lines to launch surprise attacks and hunt down certain foes and force them into firefights with streams of liquid fire.

Death Trooper.jpg

To gain access to the Special Characters within the multiplayer, you must first gain Battle Points which are earned via scoring kills, assists and playing the objective. You can use these Battle Points to respawn as one of these Special Characters and harass the enemy. You will continue to earn Battle Points throughout the battle if you wish to evolve into a Hero character. These Special Characters appear when thematically appropriate with the surrounding environment such as First Order Flametroopers being present on Starkiller Base.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be released on November 17th, 2017 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC and promises to be an amazing addition to the Star Wars universe. With Gamescom just around the corner, there is undoubtedly going to be a spree of new Battlefront 2 gameplay so stay tuned.




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