Death of the Outsider

Who Is Billie Lurk? How Has She Physically Changed In Death Of The Outsider?

In a Bethesda Live Stage event, Creative Director of Arkane Studios, Harvey Smith sat down and discussed who our new protagonist in Death of the Outsider who isn’t entirely new. Long term fans of the Dishonored series will have seen and played alongside Billie Lurk in both the Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches DLC, as well as having her unknowingly beside you during the events of Dishonored 2.

Death of the Outsider presents Billie Lurk with a spree of new powers and weaponry that are going to assist her in her quest to kill the Outsider. The new video (above) showcases some of the gadgets that she will be utilising throughout the course of the game.

You may have noticed during the initial release trailer for Death of the Outsider, that she is heavily modified, even more so than when she was Meagan Foster, captain of the Dreadful Wale.

Silver of the Eye.png

Lurk comes equipped with a special artefact that is embedded in her eye, known as the Sliver of the Eye, which actually could be a reference to the Eyeless Gang that will be a persistent threat in Death of the Outsider.

Sword of the Outsider.png

In a delightful twist of irony, in her quest to murder the Outsider, Billie Lurk, perhaps intentionally utilises weaponry and gadgets that are derived from the Void itself, not to mention all the powers which are sourced from the Outsider himself. Lurk utilises the original sword used to sacrifice the Outsider over 4000 years before the events in Dishonored, the process of which made him one with the Void.

Void Arm.png

Lurk also has a newly formed arm that is constructed out of pieces of the Void, including pieces of Bone and artefacts that would be sacred to the Void and possibly the Outsider as well.

Rat Whispers Talisman

Billie also makes use of a Talisman, which may be similar to the Bone Charms of the previous games and which may be attached to the Void arm in order to channel their power. Undoubtedly there will be more Talismans to utilise in Death of the Outsider but we are given a little sneak peek into Rat Whispers, which, as the name suggests, allows Lurk to listen in on the whisperings of rats wherever they may be found. Strategically this is going to be incredibly useful to determine enemy locations and other points of interest.

Voltaic Gun.png

Finally, Harvey Smith mentioned that Bille Lurk has an arm-mounted Voltaic Gun which fires out electrically charged particles that will be deadly in close-quarters combat.

Death of the Outsider will arrive on September 15th, 2017 and is going to be a worthy end for this arc of the Dishonored series.

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