Paladins: Champions of the Realm

OB57 Bird Of Prey Patch Is Coming To Paladins. Meet Strix, Ghost Feather

OB56 has been released and most people are having a blast with the new Ranked 2.0 and I am loving that new Seris weapon, but the time has come – Hi-Rez has released info on the next patch entitled Bird of Prey. Maybe there is a new Champion coming but who knows, Owl have to see.

Inara MasteryCassie Mastery Skin

As always we start with the Mastery skins of which there are two coming in OB57, for both Cassie and Inara. These, of course, come with both the Obsidian (Level 10) and Cosmic (Level 15) varieties.

Sunstone Inara.jpg

That’s not all for Inara who is also getting an Uncommon skin known as Sunstone which provides some nice warm tones which contrast nicely with her recent Icewalker Skin. Sunstone is an Uncommon skin like I mentioned earlier which means it will most likely be available in Radiant Chests with the weapon being purchasable for Gold.

There is also going to be a new Chest known as the Deep Space Chest which will present some new space-themed weapons which are awesome, to say the least. On top of this, there is a new quest, Deep Space Spoils, which provides you with a Deep Space Chest roll if you can win three matches.


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There is usually a badass set of skins that go with these chests and for the Deep Space one, it is no exception. Viktor and Lex get the heavy space trooper treatment with the V1-KTOR and L-EXO Suit skins which are coming in OB57.


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These skins will feature brand new effects, new designs and voice packs that are perfect for any kind of space marine. They will be available, presumably alongside other choice items in the Deep Space Chest. With these skins, the weapons and ability effects have been altered a fair bit and sound a lot more badass. In V1-KTOR’s case, his missile barrage is now a laser orbital strike.


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Strix, Ghost Feather

Yet another new Damage Champion has been announced for the Realm, presenting a combination of an old school sniper (complete with camouflage) and a stealth-capable killer. Much like if you blended Skye and Kinessa (mock horror).

Strix Talon Rifle

Strix utilises a bolt-action sniper rifle known as the Talon Rifle, which deals a 1300 damage shot every second. This gun is not like Kinessa’s in which you can stay scoped, it requires the bolt to be reset (or however these guns function). The point is that you will leave your scoped state before firing another shot.

Talon Rifle Scope

The scope, which is its own ability can be utilised as often as you want with no cooldown. It is going to be good having another useable scope in the game.

Strix Sidearm

Strix also has a secondary weapon, his Sidearm which can be activated with his Quick Switch ability. Not really much to say, it switches…quickly. The Sidearm is a 12 round semi-automatic pistol which deals 250 damage per shot and is the perfect counter to any Flankers or close-range engagements.

Sidearm Flare

So, while in Sidearm mode, the Scope ability morphs magically into his Flare, which reveals enemies for a few seconds. A cool side effect is that if Strix’s flare hits an enemy directly, it will do a small amount of burning damage on top of the reveal effect which is very cool. His Flare will be effective in both Sidearm and Sniper mode but you will have to switch weapons in order to gain access to it.

Strix Scope CloakStrix Cloak

So, yeah this Sniper has stealth. Sounds fun right? Combining the evasiveness of Skye with the sheer damage output of Kinessa is a great idea. Strix’s Stealth runs on a timer or Energy as it is known and can be deactivated at any time by cancelling the stealth or firing his weapon. Whatever Energy is left will still be utilisable allowing Strix to appear, fire a few shots and disappear once more. A perfect hunter.

Strix Flashbang.png

His Ultimate is a perfect ability which ties in his abilities and kit together nicely. Strix utilises a Flashbang which emits a very bright flash which blinds your enemies for three seconds. This ability has a decreased effect the further you are from the source of the blast but will still be an effective tool, especially for those intense skirmishes on the point…I mean if your team actually goes for the point.

There isn’t much else to the OB57 Patch but Strix definitely is a hot topic with a high skill cap so if you want to try him early, better get your insta-lock on. OB57 should be released in the next week for PC, presumably around Wednesday and most likely the following Wednesday for console.

What do you think about Strix? Is he the character you’ve been waiting for or just another challenge to overcome in the Realm?

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