Star Wars Battlefront 2

Take Control Of The Galaxies Greatest Heroes And Villains In Star Wars Battlefront 2, Starfighter Assault

For days, weeks even, we have been teased with the upcoming reveal of the new game mode, Starfighter Assault that will be playable in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Jump into the role of heroes and villains such as Yoda, Luke, Han Solo, Darth Vader and Darth Maul as well as a myriad of other heroes and troopers in pitched space battles.

Players will be able to undertake amazing multiplayer battles which will feature some familiar locations, like the research facility on Kamino which birthed the Clone Troopers, Ryloth to take down the Lucrehulk Battleship, the Death Star debris above Endor and so much more. You will not be alone, however, with Starfighter Assault being a 24 player game mode with an additional 40 AI fighters to help bolster your force and provide you with space support.

It would be safe to assume that the presence of the Hero Characters (Vader, Maul, Luke etc) will be tied into Battle Points and the like. The more kills and assists you score, the more Battle Points you can generate which will allow for some personnel changes to the battle.

Star Destroyer.png

Based on the trailer, Starfighter Assault will work similar to how the movie battles go down – you must eliminate whatever big ship or weapon the enemy has brought. This could mean Death Stars, Star Destroyers, Battle Stations or whatever else. What is going to be fun to see is the vast array of ships and vehicles players are going to be able to pilot, especially since it has already been confirmed that certain characters or troopers may not appear when it is not thematically appropriate to appear.

However, this was the case for some of the Special Troopers on the ground, not sure how it is going to translate to pitched battles among the stars but with the game spanning all three eras EA Motive, DICE and Criterion presumably made the attempt to stick the battles as close to canon as possible while still maintaining the intensity and wow factor.

There will hopefully be more footage of Starfighter Assault for Star Wars Battlefront 2 leading up to its November 11th release date, showcasing just how crazy these dogfights can get. I will be absolutely devastated if I cannot play as Admiral Ackbar!

It's A Trap.jpg

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