Junkertown Map Coming To Overwatch Alongside Animated Short ‘The Plan’

A new map has been revealed for Overwatch set in the harsh, harsh light of Outback Australia and makes me feel, as an Australian, that this is pretty much how we are viewed. Junkertown is a new map led by a ruthless and cutthroat Queen who leads her band of Junkers from a city built entirely out of destroyed and scavenged Omnium.

Swagman's NeedlepointInside Swagman's Needlepoint

Junkertown has an enormous attention to detail and a lot of apparent Aussie stereotypes including a Koala themed mascot for the lunch shop, a tattoo place known as Swagman’s Needlepoint and even scavenged street signs. Love it, love everything about it.

Junkertown is home to two of our favourite Heroes from Overwatch, obviously, Junkrat and Roadhog…well was, before they got themselves kicked out because Junkrat isn’t the brightest. Alongside this map reveal emerged another animated short featuring those two unlikely heroes attempting to get back into Junkertown with a daring heist of EXPLOSIVE proportions. It is really quite entertaining.

Spinning Platforms

But now back to the map. It has everything we have come to expect from our Escort maps – wide open spaces, tight corridors for close quarters combat and plenty of interesting mechanics to keep us occupied. You know, like the giant spinning wheel made of scavenged scrap metal and despair. This slowly rotating gear could be quite a hot contention point and feature some pretty interesting battles – bonus points if it is nothing but a long fall below it.

Junkertown Payload

The payload has even gotten a makeover, showing off two of Junkrat’s favourite things: money and explosions, probably not in that order. This has to be the best-looking payload out there in Overwatch currently. By far, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an Aussie commenting on an Aussie themed map.

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Blizzard has been making a significant effort to combine subtle lore within Overwatch with maps that elude to different characters. We got a glimpse at the happy, research-oriented childhood that Winston went through with Horizon Lunar Colony and there has already been an announcement that we will have the new Chateau Guillard to battle it out in, that is home to Widowmaker.

There is no definite release date on the Junkertown map but it is coming soon as per the title on the preview trailer. Check out the trailer below, because it is badass. Very Mad Max.


    1. Right, this one has to be my favourite out of all of them! I hope the chaos of Junkrat is kind of embodied in Junkertown!


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