Destiny 2

Let’s Talk About Destiny 2: Launch Trailer Surprises

As many of you may know, Bungie has released the latest Destiny 2 trailer as of yesterday. This one is the official launch trailer so it is kind of a big deal, and an incredibly badass trailer to tell you the truth. If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out…preferably in HD. But there were a few, not-so-hidden tidbits in the trailer that need to be talked about and you may have noticed some of these yourself but it is time for a Destiny discussion. A Double D.

Found The Speaker. He’s Just Hanging Out

The Speaker Captured

First up, you may have noticed the slight scene in which the Speaker is revealed to not only be alive but also exists as a Prisoner of Ghaul and the Red Legion. Given the sheer ferocity and rapidity of the attack itself, it is pretty clear cut that Ghaul knows about the relationship between the Speaker and the Traveler. It could also be possible that Ghaul knows more about what the Speaker actually does than we do.

Even though he is super sketchy and I don’t really trust him, the Speaker does have a special relationship with our Magic Orb and may hold secrets that Ghaul will attempt to extract. Why else have him conveniently located like a descending flat screen tv? Intel gathering. One more option is that the Speaker was performing some ritual to keep the Traveler alive while all the dark forces attempted to kill and/or steal it. Since the Speaker is now gone, it could be playing into the ability of the Traveler to rebuff the robot space parasite.

Vex Warlock

Vex Warlock Helmet

This may not be a huge reveal or anything but it intrigued me to see that one of the Guardians was literally wearing a Vex Goblin headpiece. And look it’s a Warlock. If any class was going to wear a fallen enemies skull, it would be a Warlock. Either way, it looks badass and I love it.

Open The Vault

Vault of Glass D2
Speaking of Vex, we were given a glimpse at a very familiar site for pretty much the majority of Destiny players. That one doorway stands for so much. It, of course, is an entrance to the Vault of Glass, the Vex stronghold. Being the unexplainable vault where time doesn’t really exist and nothing makes sense, it kind of makes sense that there would be multiple entrances but it is doubtful that this Vault delve will be anything major.

Vault of Glass Inside (Lost Sector)

Destiny 1 had Venus where we took part in the Vault of Glass raid alongside five other Guardians but based on the appearance of only two, another foray into the Vault is probably not going to happen. However, that does not mean that we will not get to enter. With a number of Lost Sectors and additional Adventures to take part in during Destiny 2, it could be possible that a different section of the Vault could be open for exploration and loot gathering.

Make It Rain Purple With A New Exotic

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Exotic

Bungie has been known for throwing in glimpses of new Exotic weapons into their trailers and this one is no exception. We get a pretty sizeable look at this new weapon, which undoubtedly has to be a Power weapon given the sheer scale of the damage. Multiple purple blasts are fired out of the gorgeous purple gun, which sticks to a target (much like Telesto) and then detonates with a wave of purple energy that arcs out in a circular wave from the initial explosive point. This wave appears to wipe out everything in a small radius without much difficulty.

Bungie has said that they wanted to really mess with how an Exotic functions, to really make the weapons feel unique and noteworthy, and this one definitely checks all the boxes.

Oh Great, We Really Needed A Giant Hobgoblin

Vex Hobgoblin Boss

The end of the trailer also gives us a pretty cool look at Guardians attempting to bring down a giant hobgoblin which seems like it is going to be a fun fight. It could be possible that this new Vex boss is related to the new Vault of Glass area. It seems to lend more credence to the Vault being a Lost Sector/Adventure as those activities always have a challenging boss to beat, before uncovering the loot.

On top of that, there are also two Guardians fighting the giant Vex, just like there are two entering the Vault space. Either way, it should be a fun encounter.

Destiny 2 is two weeks away. Fourteen days stand between us and Ghaul and experiencing the Red War first hand. I cannot wait to get my hands on some sweet Exotic loot. Destiny 2 will be arriving on the 6th, September 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but you can begin the pre-load so you can jump right in when it releases.


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