Make Sure You Smile. Titanfall 2 Postcards From The Frontier DLC Announced

A gameplay trailer has been released showing off the next free DLC to come to Titanfall 2 – Postcards from the Frontier. This smaller update is going to introduce smaller cosmetic items and a lot more maps to violently shoot stuff in.

Amped Wall Execution.png

Amped Wall users will finally get a new Execution to show off their mastery of the energy wall. The Hole In The Wall Execution features your Pilot throwing up the barrier and firing a pistol into the body of your victim, with some very realistic body jerking effects which are quite cool. Unlocking this Execution is quite simple, just kill five Pilots while Amped Wall is active.

Uma Live Fire #1Uma Live Fire #2

Live Fire is making an appearance in this update as it does with most Titanfall 2 DLC drops with Uma, a brand new map. Uma features a series of tight corridors that all guide to one of three open areas designed for heavy conflicts and Titanfalls. With plenty of doorways, windows and walkways for short range combat and a central divider for the longer ranged Pilots, Uma will be a hotly contested zone.

Drydock Frontier Defense.png

With the recent release of Frontier Defense meeting with a chorus of success, Respawn has added a few more maps to the mix, featuring popular and familiar locations. Angel City, Exoplanet and Drydock are now home to literal swarms of AI enemies.

Finally, this update gives Pilots the options to customise their weapons with one (or all) of eight new Elite Weapon skin customisations. These skins provide a 10% bonus chance to acquire a Double Exp booster at the end of the match, which stacks up to three times depending on how many skins you have equipped. Check them out below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These skins can be purchased for $4.99 each or bundled together for $24.99. The bundle deal, however, will only be available until the 26th of September.

Postcards from the Frontier will be available on the 29th of August 2017, so we have about a week to wait. Personally, I can’t wait for the Mochi skin but is there anything you are really looking forward to in th

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