Overwatch’s Mercy Is Getting A Radical Change. Say Hello To Valkyrie

In the latest Overwatch Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan revealed news that could shock the community of this game – Mercy no longer has Resurrect as her Ultimate ability. Do not panic, there is still a lot of hope and the new changes will make Mercy a more active presence on the battlefield in a lot of ways.

Resurrect may not be Mercy’s Ult anymore but it is still a big part of her kit, albeit with a large cooldown. Resurrect moves in as a secondary ability that can only rez one Hero at a time, after which you will have to wait 30 seconds to do it again.

Mercy will now have a new Ultimate ability known as Valkyrie, which lasts for 20 seconds and makes Mercy better in every way. First off, while under the boost of Valkyrie Resurrect’s cooldown is instantly reset, which means you can rez someone, activate your Ult and essentially get two for the price of one. Not only that but the cooldown of Resurrect while in Valkyrie will be set to ten seconds, so you’ll be able to get a few good saves in there.

She can also fly now and as Jeff Kaplan stated in the Update, this isn’t some little Pharah boost but full blown flight, “After all Mercy has those wings, we might as well put them to real use”

Players will have complete control over their characters and will be able to swoop in from above to save their team or to demolish them with a few rounds from her pistol. In terms of her healing, Valkyrie provides a boost to the healing and damage boost beams in terms of length, meaning you can reach targets that are further away. My favourite addition is the fact that her beams now chain to nearby allies so you can essentially heal or damage boost your entire team at once.

Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability also gets a boost while under the effect of Valkyrie, allowing you to fly to targets that are a lot further away from Mercy a lot faster.

Battle Mercy.jpg

For all those Battle Mercy players, these changes will positively affect you as well. While in Valkyrie mode, Mercy’s pistol will fire faster and deal additional damage per shot, while also holding an infinite amount of ammo. Imagine swooping into the battle out of the sky with guns blazing and demolishing the enemy team. Definite POTG right there.

These Mercy changes will be coming to the PTR soon where Blizzard will experiment with the new Resurrect changes and see how they function in a larger team dynamic.

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