Star Wars Battlefront 2

Everything You Need To Know About Star Wars Battlefront 2: Starfighter Assault

Starfighter Assault is a large scale multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 that pits two 12 fighter teams against each other in epic space battles. Sounds straightforward right? Well, you will also contend with waves and waves of additional AI fighters trying to wipe you out.

The Phases

Capitol Ship.jpg

Players will visit iconic locations in the Star Wars universe and take part in some of the fiercest and intense dogfights out there complete with real laser sounds. Most of the battles in Starfighter Assault are divided into three Phases, which usually revolve around a giant space cruiser or battle station.

First, you must wipe out the Imperial defences with violence and a sheer show of force. Next, you have to assault the Shield Generators in order to take down the shields…obviously. Finally, you have to destroy the Couplings holding the ship together.

This will prompt the Reactor to become exposed at which point it is your job (if you are attacking) to deal as much damage as possible and take down the Cruiser. Easy enough right? Well, you only have 30 seconds to do this, so be quick about it.

If you are on the other side of the coin and attempting to take down the Rebel scum…or Resistance scum…or Republic scum, your job is a little less complex but no easier. You have to wipe out the enemy reinforcements and prevent them from completing the above phases. The defenders will be able to win the match during any of the three phases.

All 3 Eras At Your Fingertips

You have probably heard the phrase ‘all 3 eras’ consistently with any coverage of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Starfighter Assault is no exception. Players will be able to take part in battles from the Star Wars universe like the Battle of Fondor which has thus far only been referenced in tie in novels, where they will be assaulted from ships and cruisers from that particular time in Star Wars. Prequel battles will revolve around the Republic and Separatists, while the New Trilogy battles will feature the Resistance and the First Order.

Get Into The Cockpit Of…All The Ships

Starfighter Assault Space Battle

Onto the heart of Starfighter Assault – the Starfighters themselves. There are going to be three classes of fighters for players to choose, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While there is a small army of unique and impressive Star Wars fighters to choose from, they will fall under either the Attack, Interceptor or Bomber classes.

The Attack Class of Battlefront 2 is exactly that, no explanation is really needed. They attack in a spectacular fashion with a lot of firepower. The Bomber Class, like the Y-Wing, are a lot slower than the other two classes but they definitely pack a punch. There is a reason, the faster fighters come in first to clear a path for the heavy hitting Bombers. Finally, there is the Interceptor Class which, while having a reduced health pool, are designed to be quick and highly manoeuvrable and hard to destroy.

Starfighter Assault.png

Each playable ship comes equipped with three standard abilities other than the general laser-based weapon. These vary from astromech repairs, to proton torpedoes, to seismic charges in the case of Slave 1.

Criterion, EA Motive and DICE have also spoken quite a bit about how customisation and player choice comes into play with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Well each playable ship of which there are over 23 at this current time, can be upgraded and altered using the Star Card system which differentiates your fighter from other players, even if you happen to all be using X-Wings, for example.

Take Control Of Iconic Hero Ships

Darth Maul Scimitar.png

Hero Ships are where all the action is at. Take control of iconic characters and classic ships from the very movies, and use them to tear apart your foes. It is quite simple to get access to Hero Ships, players will just have to score kills, play the objective or even get assists. Doing this will help you rack up Battle Points which you can use to respawn as a powerful Hero ship.

Some of the Hero Ships you will be able to pilot include;

  • Poe Dameron’s modified T-70 X-Wing: Black One
  • Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer
  • Luke Skywalker’s T-65B X-Wing: Red 5
  • Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1
  • Boba Fett’s Slave 1
  • Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon
  • Darth Maul’s Scimitar
  • Yoda’s Jedi Interceptor

There will be even more added to Battlefront after the release of the game but these Hero ships will add a lot of unique and powerful elements to the field of battle. You will also notice that these starfighters come from all areas of the three represented eras of Star Wars so much like the Special Troopers and Heroes on the ground, it could restrict the selectable hero fighters that are available depending on the battle.

Starfighter Assault will be playable when Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases for Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4 on November 17th, 2017.







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