Bungie Removes Need To Swap Armour Before Decrypting In Destiny 2

There is nothing worse than running over to the Cryptarch after a long day adventuring, bristling with loot and excitement, just to get rewarded with weak level gear. Bungie has fixed a prominent yet annoying ritual that was present in Destiny 1. No longer will Guardians need to equip their highest level gear to get the best loot from the Cryptarch.

A Tweet from Destiny 2 Project Lead, Mark Noseworthy revealed the welcome public service announcement about our loot drops that will help Guardians acquire the best gear possible.


The game does not know what gear you are getting until you hit decode standing in front of that malicious blue devil but with the new system in Destiny 2, it analyses every bit of collected gear your Guardian has in order to find the best possible loadout and generate Light and Power levels off of that loadout.

This will lead to a lot more happy Guardians walking away with higher powered loot which will overall reduce the grind and make the game feel a lot more rewarding. This is a small change but a welcome one and it definitely shows that Bungie has been listening to the community.

With Destiny 2 so close we can almost smell the Tower burning (too soon?) the hype is growing and each day brings more and more content to the eyes and ears of new and veteran Guardians. September 6th cannot come fast enough.

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