Assassins Creed Origins

How Combat Has Been Sharpened In Assassins Creed Origins

With all the footage and gameplay surrounding Assassins Creed Origins, it is time to discuss some of the awesome changes that will make combat exciting. As many of you may know, the previous Assassins Creed games utilised a paired animation system which involved the player controlled character jumping toward an enemy with a single button press, undergoing an animation and leaping apart. This made combat repetitive and a little boring, although it was fun seeing how many bodies you could stack up, but maybe that’s just me.

In Assassins Creed Origins, the game will use a hitbox based system where Bayek will swing a weapon and if something happens to be in his way, it will take damage. If not, he may look like an idiot….and/or get hit back.

The Basics

The Basics of Combat ACO.png

Many fans most likely will already know this, but we have to start somewhere. Bayek will have access to two classes of weapons: ranged and melee, which we will talk about below. They operate much like you would expect, hit your target and deal some damage. Repeat until they are dead. Each weapon is capable of dealing Light attacks which can be strung together for combo attacks, and Heavy attacks which can knock shields out of the way or cause a strong opponent to topple over for a short time.

Bayek also comes standard with a shield which can be used to block attacks (obviously) but can also be utilised to parry attacks, which according to the latest gameplay video, showing end game content, is not an easy skill. But if you do manage to parry an attack, or knock an enemy down, or attack them from behind, it will deal bonus damage, as it would if you were fighting them in reality.

You will also have access to the trademark assassination weapon, the Hidden Blade which can be used for stealth kills if you are quiet enough.

Choose Your Arsenal

Melee Weapons.png

Earlier I mentioned that there were two classes of weapons in Assassins Creed Origins, melee and bows, well there happen to be eight different melee weapons and four different types of bows. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses in differing scenarios, usually boiling down to the range, power and speed of each. For example, the Dual Swords are the fastest weapon in Origins but deal less damage than a Heavy Blade, which would hit a lot slower.


Each Bow also caters to differing play styles and in-game scenarios;

  • Warrior Bows: Fires multiple arrows at a time, which is effective at close range.
  • Light Bows: Able to rapidly fire arrows which deal less damage but over time will rack up considerably.
  • Predator: Your sharpshooter bow. Very accurate at long ranges.
  • Hunter: Operates much like a standard bow would.

These Bows can also be used in tandem with any source of fire in the world, to light your arrows on fire, for that little extra damage kick. Not only that but Bayek comes equipped with a utilitarian torch that can be dropped on the ground as an efficient source of fire arrows.

Assassins Creed Origins opens up combat to the players, allowing for different gameplay styles to shine throughout the game. Warrior Bow is definitely going to be my choice.

Properties And Attributes

We have seen how Assassins Creed Origins is going to be introducing a lot more weapon variety into the game, but they can also be customised even further with additional Properties. While it is not confirmed whether these additional effects will be random or can be physically applied to weapons, they will be deadly either way.

Certain weapons can be gifted with additional effects, like lighting the target on fire, inflicting Poison or even dealing Bleeding damage.


Chain Assassination

Abilities are fun little bonuses that spice up combat and make you a more lethal Medjay/Assassin. They are found in the Ability Graph accessed through the Character Screen and can be purchased with Ability Points which you can find throughout the world on special stelae or from levelling up.

There are a huge range of abilities, from being able to slow down time if you score a headshot with a bow, to being able to throw a knife at another nearby enemy when you successfully assassinate someone. Absolute game-changers.

Abilities don’t just affect Bayek, with certain nodes modifying Senu as well, turning her into a weapon in her own right. She can swoop down and harass enemies, while dealing damage, allowing Bayek to take advantage of the distraction.

Adrenaline, Devastating Attacks And Fury Mode

Devastating Attack

It is nice to be rewarded for stabbing people multiple times isn’t it? Assassins Creed Origins introduces a mechanic known as the Adrenaline Bar, which fills up as you block attacks, deal damage and otherwise engage in a healthy amount of violence. This will slowly fill up allowing you to unleash powerful attacks depending on what weapon you are using.

One of two things will happen when you activate your full Adrenaline Bar. The first is that you will launch what is known as a Devastating Attack, which sees Bayek deal a massive amount of damage with an impressive visual display of force, like above. Each weapon has its own bunch of Devastating Attacks which can be modified.

The second thing is known as Fury Mode, which grants Bayek a whole ten seconds where he can just go crazy, dealing additional damage at a faster rate. Ten seconds does not seem like much, but it adds up and you can clear whole groups of enemies while infuriated.

Put That Blade Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!

ACO Storm Blades

Assassins Creed Origins is, at heart, an open world RPG type game and so level plays an important part in its execution. If you are not sufficiently levelled, or your gear is weaker, you will have a harder time winning high-level combat bouts.

ACO Cermonial Staff

For example, if you attempt to assassinate an over levelled enemy, even if you sneak up on them, they will not die. The Hidden Blade will deal a small amount of damage and will be known as a Stealth Attack, not an assassination. This action will put you into open combat, and depending on your loadout, you may not survive. This is a new type of AC. Come prepared.

Assassins Creed Origins releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 27th, 2017 and I for one cannot wait. The combat appears to focus more on skill and strategy that just hitting a single button at the right time and that is an exciting prospect I for one cannot wait to check out.

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