Destiny 2

Possible Vex DLC And Wardcliff Coil Exotic For Destiny 2

In an interview with WIRED, Destiny 2 Director, Luke Smith took to the internet to answer some burning questions from Destiny fans, and despite what I still believe to be some disrespect towards Warlocks (leave Ikora alone!) there was a lot of cool content revealed. Let’s get cracking.

The Wardcliff Coil!

Dubious Volley

The Dubious Volley has been known about since before the release of The Taken King and fans have eagerly been awaiting for it to fall into our Exotic starved hands. Well, Luke Smith has confirmed, while answering a question revolving around Power Weapons, that the Dubious Volley has been renamed. Say hello to the Wardcliff Coil. We are off to a good start!

More Vex!?

Luke Smith Vex DLC.png

We also learned that the Vex may play a larger role after the release of Destiny 2, with a possible new dlc revolving around those time travelling tin cans. Luke Smith said that while the Vex do not play a direct or specific role in the conflict with the Red Legion, players will be pointed in directions that new content will take throughout the game;

“While you are playing through Destiny 2 and while you are playing a bunch of the different content we are pointing at places we are going to go next

It has already been confirmed that we are getting dlc focusing on Rasputin and Osiris so dlc focusing on the Vex like vanilla Destiny did is an exciting prospect.

Damage Switching

Weapon Mods Destiny 2

While playing through the Destiny 2 beta you may have noticed these weapon mods which imbue the gun with a specific damage type. While it was an educated guess that we would have swappable damage types in Destiny 2, it was not confirmed…until now.

Luke Smith spoke about how you will be able to manipulate the damage types on your Destiny 2 weapons in order to meet the requirements for Strikes, Nightfalls etc. He did also mention that these damage mods would not be alterable on Exotic weapons but that is really no surprise.

Another tidbit that was revealed during this exchange was that when an enemy shield is popped using a matching damage type, that shield will burst in an AOE explosion, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Finally, Private Matches will be coming to Destiny 2 at some point in the future after launch. Luke Smith spoke about how Bungie have a list of features they want to add to the game after its release but plans change and have to be altered. But based on his roundabout avoidance of the question, Private Matches will be a thing in Destiny 2, it is just unknown as to when.

What do you think of the changes Guardians? Are you excited for a potential new Vex vault? Or more hyped for the new Wardiff Coil? Stay tuned for more Destiny 2 content.



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