Destiny 2 First DLC Pack Will Feature Osiris And A New Mercury Social Space

Guardians are less than a week away from the release of Destiny 2 and already we are getting information on the first dlc pack entitled Curse of Osiris. In an article from Kotaku, it is revealed that the new expansion pack will revolve around saving Osiris from the robotic Vex.

For those who don’t know Osiris was a very powerful Warlock who was exiled from the City due to his almost obsessive need to understand the Darkness and the Vex in particular. Despite never seeing him in game he is referenced in the Grimoire Card, Legend: Saint-14;

I have word that Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to Vex… Ghost, prepare my Vex arsenal and plot a course for Mercury. That old man is about to wake up hell.”

The last time anyone heard from Osiris, he was beginning to investigate the Vex spawn gates themselves and apparently had gotten lost in the Vex network. That could be what the dlc pack will revolve around.

According to the Kotaku article, the Curse of Osiris dlc will feature a new social space at the Lighthouse, which was previously only available for that elite group of players who went Flawless in the Trials of Osiris. It will also feature a new Patrol Zone on Mercury which is going to be a lot of fun.

This dlc could also tie into the WIRED interview response by Luke Smith who mentioned indirectly that while the Vex are not tied in with the Red Legion, there is something that is planned for them in the future.

Curse of Osiris is said to be coming out in December 2017, three months after the launch of Destiny 2. 

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