It’s Time To Duel: Augmented Reality Is Bringing Yu-Gi-Oh Into Esports

Esports is an industry that has seen great success which is only going to continue to increase, especially with the latest announcement that Yu-Gi-Oh will be coming to esports through the magic of augmented reality.

For those who are unfamiliar with Yu-Gi-Oh, the entire premise is that there are special cards that have latent abilities within them, that come out in the form of powerful Monsters (as well as Spells and Traps but I digress). These cards were brought to life in large arenas via holo-technology which projected a life-like image of the card onto the field.

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At the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championships held in Japan, an exhibition match demonstrated the new technology that combines the strategy and fun of the card game, with the sheer amazement of virtually constructed monsters. This augmented reality shows the monsters move, attack and die as if they were real, which is everything childhood me (and current me) could want.

The players who are competing in the matches are not able to see the digitally constructed creatures but those watching can. The AR capability will greatly assist Yu-Gi-Oh into entering the realm of esports and will provide a higher entertainment factor for the viewers.

So what do you think of augmented reality hitting Yu-Gi-Oh? Is it time to take the heart of the cards out for another spin?


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