New Loot System Explained For Destiny 2

Destiny is a franchise that is built on loot, we hunt for it, collect it and then haul it all back to the Tower to be met with disappointment. And we all know who is to blame: cough, cough Master Rahool. Well in Destiny 2, we no longer will have to do our pre-decrypt shuffle of weapons and armour in order to get the best loot possible.

In the final ‘This Week At Bungie’ before the release of Destiny 2, we were given a greater look into how the new loot system will work. So Engrams will determine their Power level when they first drop, whether they are in Strikes, Crucible, Patrols or any other Destiny 2 activity. This Power level is the minimum Power you will get from that Engram. For example, in the above image, any loot you get from that Legendary Engram will drop at no lower than 210 Power. Straight away you have a little assurance.

But here is the cool thing. The loot system in Destiny 2 will scour every bit of loot from your entire account and form the best loadout;

“This means that if you are playing on your Hunter, we might use the helmet you accidentally left in the Vault, the boots you just picked up but haven’t equipped, and the auto rifle you forgot to transfer from your Warlock”

The above quote from Investment Designer, Daniel Auchenpaugh is super exciting and basically means that no matter your class or where your gear is stored, it will all be collated into the best possible loadout when decrypting Engrams.

Destiny Exotic Engrams

This system will also obey the restrictions Destiny 2 inevitably has. This means that if you are playing on a new character the game will not deliver you incredibly high gear that you cannot equip. At the same time, it also factors in the fact that you can only have one piece of Exotic armour and one Exotic weapon equipped at a single time.

Destiny 2 is so close now, we are literally less than five days out and the hype is only growing. Bungie seem to have taken considerable steps to increase enjoyment while reducing the grind which will only be good for the game and the community. Maybe Rahool is someone we can be friends with now, rather than openly cursing him out?

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