Paladins: Champions of the Realm

OB58 Beats Purrr Minute :3 Is Raving Into Paladins. Say Hello To The VIP System.

A huge new Patch has been announced and detailed for Paladins: Champions of the Realm. I am honestly still reeling because this thing is huge and has so much amazingness to offer. Time to dive right in.

Samba Chest

Summer Samba Chest

We are getting a brand new chest and a new quest that comes along with it in OB58. The Chest, known as the Samba Chest is in celebration of the Independence of Brazil which will be celebrated on the 7th of September. This chest will feature  new epic skins for Cassie (Copacabana) and Lex (Sarrada).

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It will also feature four new weapon skins, each titled Samba, for Kinessa, Skye, Tyra and Drogoz. These weapons come with new visual effects, such as confetti spraying out of the barrels and in the case of Tyra, the pelt on her gun has been changed to a Jaguar pelt.

This chest will come with a new quest known as Beach Bash, which will reward you with a free Samba Chest roll if you win five Onslaught matches. Not too tall an order. But if you want to straight up purchase this chest, it will be available for only 40 Crystals.

Eclipse Jenos

Jenos Eclipse

Jenos Eclipse In Game

There will also be a new Rare skin for Jenos, the Ascended which visually is a big step up from the usual look of Rare skins. While looking incredibly badass, there will be a unique weapon effect that will embody the Eclipse, which is something to look forward to.

Barik Is Getting Some Love

Barik Rework

You may remember a few weeks ago when Ruckus was visually reworked into the wood mech we love (or at least some of us). Well, Barik has now been given that same treatment, to fit more into the fantasy world of the Realm. \

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These changes extend to the weapon, reload animations and Barik’s turrets which appear more vibrant with new animations.

VIP System

FN-01 Erebos In Game

Now we have to talk about the greatest new addition that is coming in OB58, which is the VIP system. Since Hi-Rez view the entirety of their community as VIPs, every single player will be able to access all the rewards. The VIP system is basically a way to acquire awesome skins and amazing loot all via playing the game.

You will earn VIP Points through playing matches and completing quests, with a win granting you 50 Points and a loss netting you 25 Points. Every successful weekly quest completed will grant you 100 Points on top of the gold and essence rewards. But that is not all, you will be able to place guesses on Paladins esports matches, and if you correctly determine the winner, you will be granted an additional 50 Points.

VIP Memberships

Every single Paladins player will be able to earn VIP Points just by playing the game, you are safe in that regard. But if you wish to bolster that Point gain, you can purchase a Membership which grants a considerable bonus for a limited time;

  • +100 Points for a win.
  • +35 Points per loss.
  • +100 Points per correct esports pick.
  • +400 Points for completing a weekly quest.

These Memberships come with a variety of rewards and last for differing times depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can purchase 10,000 VIP Points directly for 70 Crystals if you are part of the VIP Membership.

There is the 14 Day VIP Membership which will cost 200 Crystals and will grant you five Radiant Chests, 20,000 VIP Points and five Match Boosters, which is a consumable that will grant increased VIP Points.

Zhin ConquerorZhin Conqueror In GameZhin Conqueror Weapon

The big one, however, is the VIP Pack, which costs $14.99 and grants a 70 Day VIP Membership, 25 Team Boosters, 100,000 VIP Points and 25 Radiant Chests. But that is not all, you can also acquire the Conqueror Zhin Epic skin which is…well epic. Worth the price right there.

The Rewards

The VIP System is shaping up to be a really great addition to Paladins but is nothing without the rewards. Though it should be said upfront, that Hi-Rez will be adding more rewards and exclusive skins to the VIP store with each Patch, but these skins are so cool.

Fn-01 Erebos

You may have already noticed the FN-01 Erebos Fernando above, which is an Epic level Skin alongside every other Skin in the VIP store, minus one.

Lian GoddessLian Goddess In Game

Lian is getting her very first skin and it is a doozy. Known as Goddess, this Lian not only looks incredible but the new voice pack specifically calls out Pip Flankers which I am totally on board with.

Raeve Maeve In Game

I’ve saved the best for last, the second Legendary Skin to enter the Realm is here: Raeve Maeve. There are no words to describe the sheer awesomeness of her so just check out the trailer.

Raeve Maeve is a DJ’s dream, with changing LED expressions on the face and LED equalisers on the side of her robe. The Raeve Maeve’s expressions will change during the course of the battle, depending on what she has said, what she has done or who she has killed. There is a lot of attention to detail in this one.

One of the coolest things about Raeve Maeve is that when she enters the battle, she comes with her own background music. She literally dub steps into battle, which is amazing. Raeve Maeve’s theme music will speed up as she does, going faster as she begins to run and jump into battle but slowing down when she backs off. Another layer of sound is also added when Prowl is activated. As for her Ultimate, it essentially is a bass drop of epic techno proportions.

Raeve Maeve Weapons

Even her weapons have gotten the Legendary treatment being granted a new style and an awesome vibrant green glow. Raeve Maeve, along with the majority of new skins in OB58 will only be available through the VIP store, but don’t worry, everyone will have a chance to acquire these amazing skins.


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