Titanfall 2: Monarch Titan Guide

The Monarch Titan is an ideal mech for those Pilots who pride themselves on staying alive and dominating the battlefield. If you are, and I will be blunt here, either crazy on the battlefield or are just no good at staying alive, then maybe the Monarch isn’t for you.


  • Monarch is a mid-range Titan capable of taking a fair bit of damage, and you will definitely want to use the Energy Siphon ability to boost your survivability in battle. The Monarch runs on an upgrade system, so if you lose your Titan, you will also lose your upgrades. Play smart.
  • Since Monarch is a mid-range Titan, all its stats are going to be middle of the road, making it an incredibly versatile mech. This comes through in its damage, which like most things with the Monarch, can be bolstered via the Upgrade Core.
  • The Monarch is not the most agile of mechs, it certainly is not in the same league as Ronin and Northstar but it can move. Decent run speed is complemented by a solitary boost, which is on a respectable cooldown. You will want to play it smart with the boost due to only having one, and not being able to outrun the faster Titans.


Monarch X0-16.png

The Monarch is a modified Vanguard Titan like BT in the campaign, which means it comes standard with a heavy machine gun type weapon. The X0-16 is a 20mm automatic rifle which fires rapidly and brings the pain onto targets. When used in tandem with Monarch’s other abilities it becomes fearsome but it does have a kind of slow reload (or maybe I am just impatient), which if you mistime and activate another ability will cause it to start over.


The Core has to have its own section with the Monarch due to the sheer number of modifications that can be utilised. The Upgrade Core is relatively simple, once your Titan is on the field and being piloted it will generate points for the Core. Where other Titans will use their Core ability and begin to generate points for that same ability, the Monarch will activate the Core, gain an upgrade and begin working to the next upgrade. The Monarch can upgrade itself three times in this way, which is why survivability is important. Pilots can select one upgrade from each of the three categories to truly customise how they want their Monarch to play.

Core Upgrade One

  • Arc Rounds: X0-16 rounds deal more damage to Shields and drain energy from Vortex and Thermal shields. Increases ammo capacity.
  • Missile Racks: Rocket Salvo fires twice the amount of missiles.
  • Energy Transfer: Hitting friendly Titans with Energy Siphon gives them Shield.

Core Upgrade Two

  • Rearm and Reload: Faster Reload and Rearm speeds.
  • Maelstrom: Electric Smoke is intensified, dealing more damage to Titans and Pilots.
  • Energy Field: Energy Siphon affects a large area around the point of impact.

Core Upgrade 3

  • Multi-Target Missiles: Hold Rocket Salvo to lock onto heavily armoured targets. Missiles deal more damage.
  • Superior Chassis: Upgrades Monarch’s max Health and removes weak point vulnerabilities.
  • X0-16 Accelerator: Installs the Accelerator mod for the X0-16, increasing its max fire rate and damage.

Pilots are able to mix and match these abilities which will become unlocked the higher the Monarch’s level becomes.


Rocket Salvo
Rocket Salvo sees the Monarch Titan fire out a barrage of unguided missiles which work best at close range, due to the lack of controllable accuracy. While the Rocket Salvo is quite effective on Titans, it is also perfect for clearing out groups of Grunts, Spectres etc due to the spread out nature of the barrage. If you wish to use these to greater effectiveness, the Multi-Target Upgrade is ideal.

Energy Siphon
When an enemy target is hit with Energy Siphon, that target is slowed and drained of some of their Shield. This shield is applied to the Monarch Titan and the more heavily shielded a target is, the more shield is applied to the Monarch. The Energy Siphon has a fairly short cooldown and can give you a deciding edge in a lot of firefights, and/or allow you to escape sticky situations by the bolts of your mech.

This ability should be used constantly while playing Monarch, as it refreshes the cooldowns of your Dash, Offensive, and Defensive abilities. In short, after a short activation time, every one of your abilities is back online. Rearm literally takes about two seconds so if you time it right, you won’t even have to leave the battle, but a note of caution – it does not reload your weapon.

Monarch Kit

Monarch Execution

The Monarch’s Kit effectively all revolve around keeping the Monarch alive and granting faster upgrade generation;

  • Shield Amplifier: Energy Siphon’s Shield gain is increased by 25%.
  • Energy Thief: Core Meter is earned 10% faster and Titan executions steal a battery. Selecting this ability will replace whatever Execution you have equipped.
  • Rapid Rearm: Reduces the cooldown of Rearm by five seconds.
  • Batteries can repair the Monarch out of Doomed State.

Best Use

The Monarch Titan is a versatile mech that can devastate the battlefield on its own, or when assisted by friendly Titans. Due to the Upgrades being lost if your Titan is destroyed, it may be more prudent to stick with some form of backup or better yet, only enter into fights which you know or have reasonable confidence you will win. At its heart, the Monarch is a Support Titan, albeit a Support with a fair bit of stopping power. Pilots who master the Monarch will be a fearsome sight on the Frontier, knowing when to advance and demolish the enemy with the array of powerful abilities and when to fall back.

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