Hunting The Lore In Destiny 2. Exotic Lore Is Here!

It is no secret that Destiny 1 had a major flaw in the lore department, which was the Grimoire cards. While personally I liked the Grimoire and went out of my way to find and collect them all, a lot of Guardians were not huge fans of game lore being located outside of the game.

Destiny 2 Investigate.png

Destiny 2 has incorporated the lore into the game quite effectively that does not remove the exploration component. A large proportion of the explorable zones in Destiny 2 have an abundance of interesting features that can be ‘Investigated’. When you see the Ghost symbol pop up in the top right-hand corner of the screen, that means there is something of note in the vicinity, something that will teach you a little bit more about the Destiny universe.

The Ghost symbol will grow brighter the closer you get to the object of interest, while it will fade and disappear the further away you get. Pretty simple concept but some of the investigatable objects are very hard to find.

Now, onto the Exotic lore. In Destiny 1 there were Grimoire Cards for the Exotic weaponry that told a little bit about the origins of the guns and their power. The exchanges revolving around The Last Word and Thorn were particularly interesting. Well, when you pick up on Exotic, there is toggleable lore right there in-game that you can view and read whenever you like.

This Exotic lore extends to the armour pieces as well, which is totally new but not unwelcome in the slightest.




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