Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Vigilance Wing

“The eye remains open. The Lighthouse remains lit.” – Brother Vance

When the kinetic Vigilance Wing was first revealed it was thought to be a top tier reward for Trials of the Nine due to the Egyptian imagery and golden paint job. However, this is not the case and even players who fear Crucible can get their hands on this gorgeous pulse rifle.

Vigilance Wing utilises the Exotic perk Harsh Truths which will allow your Guardian to dominate in the harsh fires of the Crucible or out exploring the world. Harsh Truths allows the weapon to fire in a 5 round burst and provides increased movement speed and health regen when a nearby ally is killed. Vigilance Wing is kind of like a reversed Red Death.The 5 round burst can feel a bit weird at first if you are used to the more common 3 and 4 round burst pulses but with a large magazine size of 50 and almost linear recoil when firing, it is not something that is going to be a hindrance. The second part of Harsh Truths will really benefit you in any activity you utilise a Fireteam for providing the ability to grab those clutch moments for your team. However, if your team is always annoyingly surviving, the Vigilance Wing may not be the Exotic for you.

The Trait of the Vigilance Wing is called Last Stand which bolsters the weapons performance when the wielder is the last living member of the Fireteam. This affects handling, fire rate and accuracy which once again can help you pull out those clutch moments and wipe out whatever enemy is after you.

The Barrel on the Vigilance Wing is Corkscrew Rifling which slightly increases range, stability and handling speed. The range of this pulse is actually pretty decent, especially when combined with the easily controllable recoil. With the Alloy Magazine the Vigilance Wing sort of encourages you to utilise every bit of your clip before reloading, as it grants a faster reload when the magazine is empty. Finally, we have the Composite Stock which slightly increases the stability of the gun and increases handling speed. All the perks on the Vigilance Wing are designed to smooth out the weapon’s performance and it handles like a dream.


Vigilance Wing

The Vigilance Wing is going to shine in encounters that you tackle with a Fireteam, from Patrols, to Lost Sectors, Strikes and the Crucible. The weapons smooth handling, easily controllable recoil and five round burst already make it a solid weapon but Harsh Truths and Last One Standing only really come into play when your team starts dying, which can be a very niche moment.

There is no doubt that the Vigilance Wing is a great weapon: it has a lot of stopping power and will be used to great success, but the fact is, if you are a solo player or even a member of a Fireteam that never dies, it may not be worth the Exotic slot to equip the Vigilance Wing.

Although, the way the Vigilance Wing is built and functions, it can make you a master of the Crucible if you use it correctly. You will be able to hit headshots a little easier due to the predictable recoil and the extra bullet in the burst will definitely be an asset to scoring kills.


The Vigilance Wing can be found as a random piece of loot from an Exotic Engram, which seem to drop from Public Events. It is not guaranteed but that is a good source of those lovely yellow Engrams.



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