Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Wings Of Sacred Dawn

There will come a day when the light will never fade.

Who wouldn’t like to fight through hordes of enemies while wearing ornate wings? If you have to give the Wings of Sacred Dawn one thing it would be that they look amazing. This Exotic chest piece is exclusive to the Warlock Dawnblade subclass.

The Exotic perk for the Wings of Sacred Dawn is Tome of Dawn which is similar in function to the Sunsinger’s Angel of Light perk from Destiny 1. Tome of Dawn suspends you in midair whenever you aim down sights. This does not last forever but you can extend the time via scoring precision hits midair. This perk will only function when the Dawnblade subclass is equipped so take care.

The Wings of Sacred Dawn can seem a bit trivial in practice but they are quite useful, providing you with an aerial view of the battlefield. Not to mention the value of being able to quickly survey the battlefield and take out enemies that are hiding behind cover. It does take some practice though, but if you can nail those precision shots you will be a floating beacon of death.


This Exotic chest piece caters to a particular niche of Guardians. First, you must be playing a Dawnblade Warlock, then you will need to want (or be good at) dealing damage while floating. I say it is a niche because it can get very disorienting for a Guardian to ADS and then line up the shot. There is not a lot of time to get it right, which is why you have to be quick.

The benefits of the Wings of Sacred Dawn are high, being able to pop up quickly take out one or a few of your enemies and then drop down into relative safety. In PVE it can be the turning point for any battle, allowing you to get an unobstructed view and take a few shots, not to mention you will be able to avoid those pesky melee attackers. The downside to this is that enemies nearby can also easily target you, which is no truer than in the Crucible and any other PVP activity.

While it is true that you will gain an unobstructed view, quick Guardians will make short work of you if you are not paying attention. For this reason, it is probably better to utilise Tome of Dawn for those Power Weapon kills, with rocket launchers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles etc. But if you are good enough to take them down with other means, then you go right ahead.


Wings of Sacred Dawn will drop from Exotic Engrams, as well as most likely being sold by Xur at some point.


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