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Sturm Exotic Review + How To Get This Golden Age Hand Cannon.

These ancient ceremonial pistols can be dated back to the early Golden Age. A faded inscription reads, “To Sigrun, from Victor”. 

There are iconic pairs throughout history that simply make a positive impact: the Sun and the Moon, ice cream and a hot day, Last Word and The First Curse and now we have Sturm and Drang. Sturm is an Exotic hand cannon that bears a resemblance to early pistols from Europe. It is gained from a quest known as ‘Relics of the Golden Age which will drop for you once you complete a specific set of requirements. Guardians must first complete every mission of the Red Legion campaign, then travel back to Nessus and complete all the Adventures and other quests. This then will then end with you being rewarded the Drang sidearm.

Relics of the Golden Age Quest

You know something special is going on because it is gold and shiny. Tis the truth. Speak to Failsafe in order to begin the Exotic quest at which point you will be directed to Master Rahool. As is always the case with everyone’s favourite Cryptarch, you will have to get your grind on by: Decrypting 5 Legendary Engrams, 1 Exotic Engram and by killing 10 Fallen on Nessus with Drang.

You will then need to speak to Rahool once again, where he will direct you to the more loved Tyra Karn who is still on the Farm. She will give you the next step of the quest which requires you to defeat multiple Fallen with the Drang sidearm without reloading and defeat a certain number of powerful Fallen with Drang, all on Nessus. This can seem a little confusing at the start but basically, if you kill two or three Fallen with Drang without reloading, it counts as 1. Get ten of those and you are done. As for the powerful Fallen, the quest simply wants Major or Ultra level enemies destroyed and as long as you get the killing blow with Drang it counts towards the quest.

You will then need to kill the Kendriks-7 Servitor who will be found toward the end of a Nessus based Strike: Exodus Crash. You do not have to complete the Strike for the quest to count, simply kill the Servitor. Return to Tyra Karn and be rewarded with the Sturm sidearm. But why go to all that work and not know how it handles. Check out my review below.

Sturm Exotic Review

Sturm In-Game

The Sturm is a hand cannon that stands well on its own but becomes a powerhouse when equipped side by side with Drang…because well, reloading sucks and with this pair, you may never need to reload again…unless your aim is terrible. Sturm is one of those classic hand cannon archetypes which fires relatively slowly but then also does high damage so if you make every shot count, you will not be disappointed with your Exotic murder spree.

The Exotic perk for the Sturm is known as Accomplice which refills the magazine of any equipped Energy Weapon from the reserves. It does not matter which weapon this is, and it definitely does not have to be a hand cannon to match Sturm. Sounds good so far right? Well, it gets better. It’s Trait is known as Storm and Stress which boosts the damage of Sturm when a kill is scored by an Energy Weapon. This effect lasts until the next reload. This damage increase is not hugely drastic, it is very slight, but it will all add up, with the optimal way to play this Exotic. I say this because


I say this because Sturm goes hand in hand with Drang. You have to utilise that Legendary sidearm to score this Exotic and through the perk Together Forever, it will refill Sturm’s magazine upon a kill. So Sturm kills refill Energy Weapon magazines and Drang kills refill Sturm’s magazine. It is a vicious but beautiful cycle.

Sturm comes with Extended Barrel which increases the range of this Exotic (I hear people cheering in the distance) but decreases handling speed. You will definitely have to be deliberate when it comes to Sturm. Coincidentally it also holds an Extended Mag which greatly increases the magazine size but greatly decreases reload speed. If you are utilising Drang, the slow reload speed won’t be a problem for you, assuming you can score those kills but if you aren’t, you will have to ensure that you make every shot count. Finally, Sturm has a delightful Combat Grip which greatly controls recoil. No one wants a weapon that bounces around all over the place and Sturm’s recoil is nearly perfectly straight up. A wonderful all round Exotic weapon.


The Sturm is a unique weapon that can deliver consistently high damage without ever needing to reload. The easily controllable recoil and minimalistic sight make it easier to land those precision shots. If you are going to roll with this weapon solo, and not make use of Drang, Accomplice will ensure that your Energy Weapon always stays loaded which can be critical in Crucible encounters and tough PVE events. However, without Drang, you will have to put up with the slower reload. Always reload safely.

The problem in Crucible is that Sturm will struggle to win direct fire fights against faster firing guns at least in my experience. The element of surprise can be critical in this regard, to put down opposing Guardians especially with that bonus damage gained from Energy Weapon kills.

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