Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins OB59 Plunder Ahoy Patch Introduces Pirate Themed Skins And A New Flank: Talus Of The Ska’drin

Paladins: Champions of the Realm has been definitely stepping up its game lately, with each of the patches bringing some amazing things to the Realm. OB59 known as Plunder Ahoy is no exception bringing an entire suite of new Epic and Legendary skins as well as a rune-based new Flank Champion.

Most of the skins in this patch will be available through the VIP store but if you want to show off how much of a salty sea dog you are, you might want to sink your gold covered teeth into the new Booty Chest.

This chest will feature two new pirate-themed Epic skins which get the full treatment, from voice packs to sprays and changes to the abilities.

Swashbuckler Barik

Swashbuckler Barik is first up and the art team at Hi-Rez Studios really did amazing work on making our favourite turret deploying dwarf look like he should be on the deck of a pirate ship. Skulls and crossbones are everywhere, from his gun to tiny flags on the tops of his turrets. No white flags will be found with Swashbuckler Barik.

Swashbuckler Barik GunSwashbuckler Barik Turret

Plus, the voice lines on Swashbuckler Barik are hilarious, with plenty of pirate based jokes and puns, that make me both laugh and cry at the same time.

Dutchman Makoa

Moving onto the captain of the pirate hierarchy, we have Dutchman Makoa, who sports the wispy ghost look of a haunted pirate who has come to claim your soul. This is yet another Epic skin, with the highlight definitely being the voice, which is so full of malice and power that it is truly amazing to hear.

Dutchman Makoa In Game

Dutchman Makoa has a kind of ectoplasm effect when roaming the battlefield, to truly emphasise his ghostly stature, while his cannon has gotten a unique new firing pattern. All players like to leave their mark on the battle, but Paladins has definitely taken it up a notch.

Dutchman Makoa Cannon Spray

Whenever you miss a shot or fire a cannonball at a wall it will leave an ominous skull and crossbones indent letting everyone know that you are around and are ready to claim their souls as the Dutchman.

That’s not all for Makoa, as Hi-Rez have altered his customisable accessory to make costume changes pop a little more. While previously his accessory was his eyes and ears, it has now been moved to his shell, providing a more dramatic and vibrant way to dress up your Makoa.

She’s Here To Take Away Your Innocence

Infernal Seris

The moment has arrived guys: Infernal Seris is finally arriving in Paladins: Champions of the Realm. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Hi-Rez Studios undertook a community poll, to determine which Champion should get a new Epic skin and the winner was Seris. They then drew up four different concepts for a new Seris skin, being Angelic, Infernal, Voodoo and Egyptian, which the Paladins community voted on. Infernal got a huge number of votes (could be due to the amount of clothes she was wearing) and after a few months of work, Infernal Seris has finally been unveiled.

Infernal Seris In Game

Being an Epic skin, Infernal Seris comes with a whole spree of new VR effects, a new weapon, which ‘looks’ simply stunning. Get it, because it’s an eye? This is one healer that seems like she will inflict more pain than relief. By far my favourite thing about Infernal Seris is her voice pack, which captures the layered texture of a demonic voice perfectly. Not to mention all of the sexual innuendo-type things Infernal Seris can say.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seris’ weapon also got the full Epic treatment, featuring a swivelling eye that will look around at you and your surroundings over the course of the battle. Seris will also be sporting green Soul Orbs and a green hue when her Shadow Travel is active: Green is in this year.

Get Ready VIPs

Every patch Hi-Rez have plans to add additional VIP content for players to work towards and purchase: awesome new skins, emotes and the like that you can get from simply playing the game. OB59 definitely has some plunder to offer VIP players.

Ying Belly Dance

New types of emotes are actually making their way into Paladins – dance emotes. Unlike the emotes that we currently have, the dance emotes play on a constant loop, until they are interrupted. There are going to be three dance emotes arriving in the Realm initially: Ying’s Belly Dance, Lex’s Bad Cop and Sha Lin’s Top Rock.

Star Silver Kinessa

Also coming to the VIP store is a gorgeous re-skin of Kinessa’s Nova Strike Epic skin. Dubbed Star Silver, this silver and purple coated skin is simply elegant. Available in the VIP store Star Silver Kinessa has a brand new series of effects and energy based attacks that are apparently mind-blowing. Definitely, one to pick up.

Star Silver Kinessa In Game

We’ve had Legendary skins, we are getting Legendary emotes but never before has there been a solo Legendary weapon in Paladins….until now.

Shattermaw Weapon

Androxus is the proud owner of the very first solo Legendary weapon, known as the Shattermaw and it is worthy of the Legendary title. Composed of a glass like crystal substance, the Shattermaw has been entirely redesigned, with new sound effects, reload animations and a death animation, which is something very new.

Shattermaw Weapon Reload

When Androxus scores a kill with the Shattermaw, the target turns into the same aqua hue of the weapon, they basically crystalise and then simply shatter, in a beautiful display of power and death.

Talus of the Ska-drin

Talus of the Ska'Drin

Now to the really good stuff, there is a new Flank Champion coming to the Realm in OB59 and his name is Talus. Talus is a Ska’drin, a race of demon looking beings who harness rune magic and are considerably powerful. The sad thing about the Ska’drin is that they live in fear, hiding from others in the Realm, as their race was nearly wiped out throughout a series of violent conflicts.

The Ska’drin, with the exception of Talus, shave their horns and hide their tails in order to blend in with other characters of the Realm. That is, if they aren’t the optimistically hopeful Talus, who believes that if other Champions and races of the Realm see him, they may be more accepting of his kind.

Talus Veracharger

Talus utilises a short to medium range stone SMG known as a Veracharger, which is powered by special runes on the side of it. With a high magazine of 35 bullets, which spray out incredibly fast with high accuracy at the closer ranges, Talus is perfectly designed as a Flank, with abilities to get up close, eliminate his foes and disappear before anyone realises what has happened.

Overcharge Talus

For all the cooler Flanks out there, you can hold your Veracharger on its side and gain more street cred. Well, this is actually an ability known as Overcharge which boosts the firing rate of the Veracharger for four seconds, making it shoot 33% faster from two barrels. This is more than enough to eliminate any opponent you may face.

Talus Blitz Upper

A stone demon definitely needs some sort of physical attack and Blitz Upper delivers on that front. Talus is able to dash forward with an AOE attack that deals 600 damage and knocks your opponents straight back. The cool thing about this is that it does not have to directly hit your target due to its area of effect damage.

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Talus is part of the Ska’drin which utilise rune magic to great effect. Talus is able to place a rune down on the ground which he can teleport back to, either through re-activating the skill or by waiting ten seconds after activation.

You will not be able to re-activate the Rune of Travel if you are caught in any form of stun but if the ten-second timer runs out during that time, it will pull you right back to safety. The Rune of Travel requires a fair bit of forethought and planning but skilled players will be able to utilise it to great effect. With Rune of Travel, you will even be able to escape the pull effect of Seris’ Ult and other Ultimates besides that.

Talus True Power

Finally, we come to Talus’ Ultimate ability which highlights his skill as a runic teleporter. True Power is an ability that allows Talus to travel directly to any enemy, from anywhere on the map. Quite simply, Talus can travel from one side of the map to the other deal 600 damage, and knocking them back. The surprise of this Ultimate would be its greatest asset, allowing Talus to rapidly appear and hopefully score a kill if you are quick enough.

You can also utilise Rune of Travel at the same time, to teleport in and be pulled back out of danger before the rest of the enemy team catches on.

OB59 will be arriving into Paladins: Champions of the Realm very soon and it will definitely be a fight to try and select Talus when he is released.

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