Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Coldheart

The latest Omolon engineering leverages liquid fuel as coolant to keep weapon systems at biting subzero temperatures.

Ever wanted to shoot a focused beam of supercooled energy that will chill your enemies to their very core? Me neither, which made the surprise of Coldheart that much better! The Coldheart was teased earlier in the year with a special model given to WWE superstar, Big Show, as well as in a trailer closer to release, showing it in its full glory.

The Coldheart is the first weapon of its kind being a Trace Rifle, which sees it fire out a solid beam of ice energy that rips through your foes great and small. Coldheart utilises the Exotic perk Cold Fusion which allows the weapon to fire a steady, continuous laser beam. This prima facie may seem a little boring and unimpressive for an Exotic weapon, especially one that was teased before the release of Destiny 2, but it pairs perfectly with the Longest Winter Trait. Longest Winter exponentially boosts the damage done by Coldheart the longer it remains on any given target. It gets better because Coldheart’s continuous beam also does precision damage. This makes Coldheart incredibly powerful if used right, especially on bosses or enemies with large crit boxes.

Complimenting this ice cold powerhouse is an Extended Barrel which increases the range of Coldheart but decreases handling speed. The range is an important feature on this Exotic, allowing you to keep your distance to maintain easy control of the long-range beam. It also comes with an Enhanced Battery which extends the magazine size to a cosy little 101, plenty of time to gain that damage bonus and do an astonishing amount of damage. Despite being a rather smooth firing Exotic, Coldheart does have some recoil that Guardians will have to manage. Luckily, it comes with Hand-Laid Stock to increase Coldheart’s stability.



Guardians will get the full potential of Coldheart if it is used mostly for PVE, due to the assortment of perks on this Exotic. In terms of sole gunplay, it is decidedly average as it is the perks that turn it into the ice cold epitome of destruction. While the beam is a cool little effect, it isn’t Exotic-worthy until you add the exponential damage boost which is not activated until you have kept the beam on a target for a significant time. Given the fast-paced nature of Destiny 2 Crucible, you would most likely not be able to get the full benefits of Coldheart as an Exotic. Sure it will deal damage but for the most part, the thing that makes it an Exotic Trace Rifle will remain unused. Despite this, it still does quite a bit of damage in PVP, if your target is lower on health or is not paying attention. Solid weapon, but there are more competitive friendly Exotics out there.

PVE is really where this weapon shines, especially in larger scale boss fights, such as those at the end of Strikes and in certain Public Events. Coldheart’s beam does more damage the longer you keep it on target, plus it can deal precision damage. This quite simply equals devastation to enemies with large crit boxes. Not to mention the increasing damage over time will allow you to walk through whatever enemy you encounter in the wilds.


The Coldheart currently is limited only to those who pre-ordered Destiny 2. Guardians must first complete the entire Red War campaign which will not take too long at which point you will have to head to Banshee in order to collect your Exotic.

For those who did not pre-order, don’t worry, you will have your chance to get a hold of Coldheart as it is only a timed pre-order exclusive. The 5th of December 2017 will mark the day you can add Coldheart to your arsenal.

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