Exotic Review: Graviton Lance

Think of space-time as a tapestry on a loom. This weapon is the needle.

Okay Guardians, we now have an incredibly well-designed pulse rifle which can pierce into the heart of space-time. All I can say is, FINALLY! Not only is the Graviton Lance a powerful Exotic Energy Weapon, it also has the aesthetics and nice firing sound to complete the package.

Graviton Lance talks a big game with its Exotic perk, Black Hole which imbues the third shot of every burst with space power allowing it to deal high damage and recoil with absolutely no damage fall-off. This is not some trifling amount of damage that will be of little difference in the long run, instead dealing an astronomical amount of extra damage, which will shred through enemies big and small, especially other Guardians. Keeping with the space theme, Graviton Lance’s Trait is known as Cosmology which causes enemy targets to detonate when you kill them. This effect occurs with every single enemy kill, which deals a small amount of damage to nearby foes. It isn’t a huge damage dealing explosion like the Voidwalker Bloom but the fact that it occurs on every kill will eventually add up. The downside to this effect is that enemies have to be standing close together due to its quite small aoe radius.

Graviton Lance utilises Hammer-Forged Rifling which increases this Pulse Rifle’s range. The range stat for this Exotic is quite high, and coupled with its top-tier stability, will make your Guardian a deadly force from any range. This stability is due to Accurised Rounds which increases the range that Graviton Lance can fire and it really shows especially in the Crucible. The combination of high stability and high ranges alongside the Black Hole perk turns this Exotic into a powerhouse of damage dealing. Graviton Lance also comes with a Fitted Stock which increases its stability once again and moderately controls recoil, at the cost of a slightly decreased handling speed. Graviton Lance is smooth and easy to control from the moment you pick it up so it does not seem as if the Fitted Stock adversely affects the weapon too much.


Graviton Lance In Game

The Graviton Lance seems to me, as a Pulse Rifle lover, to be the mother of all Pulse Rifles. While Cosmology is a nice little trick and deals a slight amount of damage with the purple explosion it is the additional damage from Black Hole that makes Graviton Lance a powerhouse. In both PVE and PVP, the Graviton Lance will allow your Guardian to blow through any challenge in your way, whether it is a large Vex construct or an opposing Guardian in a game of Survival.

The Graviton Lance feels like an Exotic, with both a practical and mildly theatrical effect to its use. Moving into the Crucible, the Graviton Lance handles like a dream and assuming you can maintain those precision shots, will mow down any Guardian in your way. Despite never using it in Crucible before, I was able to take down pairs of Guardians relatively easily due to the high damage. You have to realise that due to the magazine size of 39, you will have 13 chances to deal high damage with the third burst of every shot. With this Exotic, if you play smart you will even be able to win firefights where the enemy has fired the first shot.

This damage coupled with the incredibly high stability and decent range make it a wonderful addition to any Guardians arsenal.


Guardians will have their first chance to acquire Graviton Lance after completing Sacrilege on Io, where you are given the choice between three Exotic weapons. If you play on all three of your potential Guardians you will eventually get the Graviton Lance, otherwise, you can get it from Xur for Legendary Shards if he has it in his rotation or from an Exotic Engram.

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