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Exotic Review: Merciless

Entropy is inevitable

Hailed as one of the best Exotic weapons of Destiny 2, the Merciless is powerful without a doubt essentially making it easier and easier to get a kill if your aim is horrendous and rewarding a steady hand with a damage bonus. You truly win no matter what with Merciless.

Merciless’ Exotic perk is Conserve Momentum, which causes the weapon to charge and fire faster and faster if you are getting non-lethal hits. This effect will continue until you get a kill. Just stop and appreciate that perk for a moment, as Merciless will reward an unlucky shot with a decreased charge time to help you get that kill. The reduced time to fire gets faster and faster with more shots that are missed and it is a noticeable reduction, with it eventually reaching a point that it fires almost instantly. On the flip side Merciless’ Trait is Impetus, which rewards the killing of a target with increased weapon damage if you reload immediately after a kill. Merciless basically helps you to score a kill and if you remember to reload will provide you with a higher chance to kill your next target. Merciless is truly Exotic.

It also comes equipped with Chambered Compensator which increases stability, moderately controls recoil but slightly decreases handling speed. This slight decrease is not a huge deal, especially with Conserve Momentum backing you up, if you are not fast enough due to the weapon’s handling. In terms of Magazines, it rocks the Extended Mag, which provides an increased magazine size of eight at the cost of a greatly decreased reload. A magazine of eight is a great addition to any Fusion Rifle, especially one that can potentially chew a lot of ammo on a single target. Merciless also comes with a Fitted Stock, which provides the same benefits as Chambered Compensator: increased stability, moderately reduced recoil and decreased handling, but really the stability is the most important thing here.


Merciless In Game

Merciless is a dream to use, with its increasingly rapid firing style almost ensuring you get that kill…unless you are terrible, or the enemy is just really quick. In a PVE setting, Merciless will really shine, allowing players to carve through foes, either with the rapid charge time or the kill/reload damage bonus. Merciless will be an asset against larger scale opponents in terms of Conserve Momentum, as it will dish out large amounts of damage in a much shorter time than other Fusions (aside from D1’s Pocket Infinity) while Impetus could really help with the lower tiers of enemies.

While Merciless is a great weapon, its potential can be somewhat wasted in Crucible. Due to the very limited reload opportunities, Impetus will pretty much go unused so no damage bonus for you. On the plus side Conserve Momentum will definitely allow you to score a kill if you happen to deal a glancing blow on an opposing Guardian or just miss them entirely, a direct shot will eliminate them. In the few games I played with Merciless, there was not a single time when the reduced charge time came into effect but of course it would be different for everyone. The fact of it is having that Conserve Momentum perk on this Fusion Rifle puts it above and beyond in the Crucible in terms of Clutch encounters, for in Destiny 1, missing your shot with a Fusion was pretty much a death sentence. Merciless allows a second, a third, a fourth chance, with an ever-increasing chance of success.


Merciless can be obtained from Xur for Legendary Shards if he has it in his inventory or from an Exotic Engram.

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