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Clockwork City Preview For Elder Scrolls Online Teases A New World, A Group Boss And Sotha Sil Himself

With the Elder Scrolls Online latest DLC, Horns of the Reach released a short time ago, many players have tackled the Reachmen and Minotaurs and taken back the city of Falkreath. Well, now the time has come to talk about the next adventure available to ESO players: the Clockwork City.

Clockwork Monster

For players familiar with the world of ESO, you should be familiar with the Tribunal, powerful gods who rule over certain realms and worlds of Tamriel. The Tribunal comprises of Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, each of which have their own personalities, troubles and worshippers. Players will venture deep into the realm of Sotha Sil, the Clockwork City where mechanic and biologic meet in an experimental fusion.

So bear with me here, Clockwork City is a miniature diorama construct that is also a full sized city that exists outside of spacetime, much like Coldharbour, the Shimmering Isles or any other Daedric realm…even though it isn’t Daedric. It was created by a God-genius so if it sounds confusing, it is probably working right.  The Clockwork City is essentially a giant experiment done by Sotha Sil, where everything is mechanical in nature; from the trees, the water supplies, the buildings and the beasts that will try to murder you relentlessly.

Inhabitants Of The Clockwork City

Clockwork Guardians 2

Players will meet a variety of interesting characters throughout the new adventure such as the Factotums, which are special constructs that fulfill protection, defence and maintenance purposes. You will see them huddled over, working on fixing the myriad problems the Clockwork realm has, but it isn’t really enough. That is why you are there.


You will also run into many Clockwork Apostles, wizard-monks of Sotha Sil, keen to continue his proud work after he himself has gotten bored with it. Some of the Apostles, like Madura, take it upon themselves to augment their own bodies with metal to become like the Fabricants of the realm.

For long time ESO players there will also be a bit of a treat, with old friends and allies turning up via various ways in the Clockwork City. Allies like Neramo and Kireth Vanos are just some of the people you will re-encounter.

Brass Fortress

Brass Fortress

While exploring the Clockwork City, the central hub will be the Brass Fortress, which has all the comforts of home, except for delicious food and non-metal things, but who wouldn’t want to live in a steampunk dream! The Brass Fortress has everything you will need, from revamped and redesigned crafting stations, a bank, guild traders, merchants, an outlaws refuge and daily quests.

There is also a special reward for entering the Brass Fortress for the first time: a new pet known as a Dovah Fly which, spoiler alert, is basically a mechanical dragonfly. Regardless it looks wonderful.

Clockwork City Bookshelf

The Brass Fortress is also home to the Clockwork Basilica where the Clockwork Apostles work on their experiments and do clockworky stuff.  Or maybe they need a large space to just store all their books, I mean they are made of metal.

New Armour, Quests And Special Features

Mad Tinkerer Armour Set

The Clockwork City zone is full of broken things, quests and dangers for you to triumph over. Surprisingly, the Clockwork City does not run like clockwork. As a reward for your efforts, you will have a chance to acquire three new sets of armour, with Light, Medium and Heavy sets available for all players. The above set is the Light armour, known as the Mad Tinkerer set, which looks amazing, but personally, I am more excited to see the Heavy.

During the preview, Bethesda was very careful not to reveal any major spoilers in regards to quests and goals, other than the fact that something has gone wrong. But there are a few quests that were hinted at during the stream.


This gorgeous room is known as the Planisphere and was designed by Sotha Sil as a memory storage area for the things he deems important. The Planisphere looks quite complicated and apparently is not functioning correctly. Simply put, it’s broke! Players will have to put it together somehow, possibly by collecting certain parts or just by navigating a puzzle

Everwound Spring CWC

Another one of the quests hinted at is within the confines of the Everwound Wellspring, where one of the Clockwork Apostles is experimenting with different types of plants, vegetables and fruits in order to see which ones would thrive in the Clockwork City. This is due to resources being quite scarce and the only real source of food being a tube delivered Nutriment Paste. Sounds yummy right?

Fun For Both Solo Players And Groups

The Imperfect

The Clockwork City DLC is going to be very friendly towards solo players, with most of the content able to be undertaken by a solitary warrior, mage etc, although there are a couple group dungeons that you may want a team for.

The Imperfect is one of those group bosses, who is a giant Dwarven-inspired construct who waits for challengers to come face him, so he can beat them, learn how to become better and creep ever closer to becoming perfect. Almost seems kind of a nice goal, if he wasn’t a giant animunculi trying to kill you.

We Can Finally Meet Sotha Sil!

Sotha Sil

Throughout Elder Scrolls Online, there have been many allusions to this mysterious god, who is always enthralled in some experiment or another, but not much has been revealed about him thus far. In Clockwork City, while our interaction with Sotha Sil won’t be as high as with Vivec, we will be able to interact and talk with him…FINALLY!

But due to the Clockwork City being a creation of Sotha Sil, we will learn much about this illusive figure, in quest dialogue, random NPCs and from Sotha Sil himself. Within the Planisphere, Sotha Sil’s starry stored memories will whisper to you as you pass them by, which is awesome.

Clockwork City does not have a definitive release date as of yet, but is available to try out on the PTS. Stay tuned for more Clockwork City details.





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