Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: ST0MP-EE5

“I call them the Stompies! For when your legs need that extra kick.” – Marcus Ren

First, there was the FR0ST-EE5 and now there are the ST0MP-EE5, and if you are a Hunter, this is one Exotic you definitely want to try and pick up. Hunters are already known for being agile and difficult to pin down (Unless you are Cayde-6 on Nessus) but the ST0MP-EE5 really accentuate that fact.

The Exotic perk for this leg armour is known as Hydraulic Boosters, which increases sprint speed and slide distance as well as improving double jump. Pretty much everything related to your Hunter’s movement, this Exotic has covered. In regards to the jump, it isn’t a small improvement, allowing you to skyrocket to new heights, making it easier to get around while also making you very difficult to kill, which is a delight in the Crucible.

All in all, the ST0MP-EE5 are designed to make your Hunter more mobile and harder to predict, which can buy you a few extra seconds to make a comeback in both PVE and PVP.


The ST0MP-EE5 are made for encounters that require a bit more rapidity when movement is concerned. For this reason, it seems ideal for Crucible encounters due to that extra little boost of speed and improvements to the jump. Hunters wearing this Exotic are able to recover and get away faster than those not wearing ST0MP-EE5.

There really isn’t much else to it, they make you move faster and that is a great little feature, plus the fact that they are Subclass neutral is a bonus as well. In PVE encounters, it is similar in application, being able to navigate battles with more effectiveness but the additional boost to the jump grants an ease to some of the jumping frustration for Hunters.


To get the ST0MP-EE5 you have to hope that Xur rolls around with them in his inventory or get lucky from an Exotic Engram decryption.

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