Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Mida Multi-Tool

Select application : Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues. 

The Mida Multi-Tool, one of the best Exotic weapons in Destiny 1 has made a triumphant return to Destiny 2. Officially changing the meta to Mida only, the Multi-Tool is a versatile scout rifle that can be used, well, everywhere.

Mida Multi-Tool utilises a perk by the same name, which has the delightful bonus of boosting movement speed whenever it is equipped. You will fly faster than everyone else while running with Mida, which allows you to set up ambushes and get ready for attacks more rapidly as well as being able to retreat quickly if things do not go your way. This perk has been slightly altered since Destiny 1, as Mida no longer fires as soon as trigger pressure is felt. It essentially slows down the fire rate of the Multi-Tool to bring it back in line with other weapons, although from a distance Mida is still a powerful force. This Exotic’s Trait is MIDA RADAR which keeps the radar active when aiming down sights, which is hugely beneficial as it will keep you apprised of the enemy location at all times and you won’t have to worry about being caught off guard while aiming. The downside to this is that it allows for some pretty serious hard scoping in some cases, but that is usually not too hard to deal with.

Mida Multi-Tool utilises Corkscrew Rifling which slightly increases range and stability while also increasing handling speed. You can definitely feel it, because Mida is such an easy weapon to use in both Crucible and PVE encounters, assuming you maintain some semblance of distance. This Exotic also comes with High-Caliber Rounds which provide a certain degree of knockback which has the added bonus of bolstering this weapons range. The knockback is one of the reasons Mida can become such a nuisance in the Crucible, throwing opposing Guardian’s aim off so it is harder to fight back. Finally, Mida Multi-Tool comes with Hand-Laid Stock, which once again increases stability. Although the stability has been tweaked since Destiny 1, Mida is still quite easy to control.


Mida Multi-Tool is one of those versatile Exotic weapons that just fit into any activity that you undertake. It is a high performance and hard-hitting scout rifle that fires quickly, is easy to control and reloads rapidly.

In PVE encounters, it is a dependable scout rifle that not only boosts your movement speed but will be able to take out any enemy that you focus on. This comes with its ease of handling to make Mida more effective at nailing those precision shots. The same can be said in Crucible where a single Multi-Tool can take out whole Fireteams from a distance making it a deadly addition to any arsenal.

While Mida Multi-Tool has been brought down a bit since its debut in Destiny 1, with the lack of a hair trigger and a major drop in magazine size, it is still one of the top tier weapons in Destiny 2. Especially for Crucible and Trials of the Nine. I mean it should just be called Trials of Mida.


The Mida Multi-Tool can be gained through a unique quest that is easily accessible for all players. First Guardians will need to finish the campaign and reach level 20. Then you are off to the EDZ to speak to Devrim Kay, wherein you must complete all the Quests (Blue markers) in the EDZ where he will reward you with the Mida Mini-Tool, an amazing Legendary SMG and an ideal pairing for the Multi-Tool.

You will then need to speak with Banshee-44, our ever-present Gunsmith who will grant you a quest known as Sight, Shoot, Repeat, which will require you to take out 50 enemies with precision scout rifle shots and then take out 25 groups of enemies without reloading. Basically, two or three kills before a reload will progress the quest. You will then need to dismantle five Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles so if you have heaps, save them for this moment.

Return to Banshee who will give you the next quest, known as The Fall Will Kill You. This one is easy enough, simply kill 50 enemies while airborne. If you are a Warlock and have the Wings of Sacred Dawn, they will help you out immensely. Return to Banshee and claim your new Mida Multi-Tool, which will scale with your Power level.


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