Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Raiden Flux

Interfaces with synapses (or nearest equivalent) to draw electric power directly from the wearer’s body.

Are your Supers way too short? Do you want to increase your damage output and crazy lightning acrobat skills? Well, I have the Exotic for you. Despite not looking the best, the Raiden Flux is one of the best Exotics for the Arc Staff, making it crazy long if you are hitting targets consistently.

The Exotic perk for the Raiden Flux is Synapse Junctions which, after quick successive strikes with Arc Staff, increases its damage output and duration. This is a game-changing Exotic perk, especially for the beginning of the game. The Raiden Flux turns the Arc Staff Super into one that practically never ends, assuming there is either something that can take a lot of hits or several smaller somethings that can be used as hit fuel. To put it into perspective, as I was levelling up my Hunter, I undertook the Wizard’s Ritual Public Event on Titan. Activating my Arc Staff, I was able to kill the High Wizard when it had full health, due to the constant attacks and the death I was dealing to the not-so-innocent Thrall trying to claw my eyes out. The Super lasted for a solid ten seconds which was marvellous.


The Raiden Flux is the perfect addition to any PVE encounter because that is where you are going to get the most use out of this Exotic. Synapse Junction allows any Arc Staff user to boost the damage output and duration of the Super with consistent hits, so it encourages a more aggressive style of Hunter play. Given how easily an Arcstrider Hunter can clear a room of any type of enemy the additional damage and extended time for Arc Staff would only be a bonus. It is especially effective on Ultra and Major level enemies, as you are not required to kill anything for the extension to occur, meaning that you can deal a lot more damage than other subclasses can in comparison.

When taking this into Crucible, however, I feel like it is a wasted Exotic opportunity. This is due to needing consistent and constant hits to make the duration of Arc Staff increase and even with the extension, it just does not seem worth it. When Arc Staff is activated, there is plenty of time to eliminate the entire enemy team without too much trouble, unless you activate it from the other side of the map. On top of this, considering that for the most part, Arc Staff hits are a KO when it touches an opponent, Raiden Flux almost ventures into the realm of overkill. It can work in Crucible but the true effectiveness of this Exotic would be lost in PVP, especially with reduced team sizes.


Raiden Flux can be acquired after finishing the Riptide mission on Titan as a Hunter, or can be gathered from an Exotic Engram. This Exotic could also be a part of Xur’s inventory when he arrives stops by.

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