Warframe Devstream Shows Off Plains Of Eidolon Gameplay. Here Is Everything We Know So Far!

Warframe has been a prominent part of the gaming industry for three years now and players have clocked a lot of time eliminating Corpus and Grineer with the massive variety of different Frames (I would be happier if the game would drop me those Frost parts I need). Plains of Eidolon is the next step in Warframe’s journey, a large scale open world area with new activities and adventures to undertake. The latest devstream showcased some Plains of Eidolon (POE) gameplay which detailed just some of the things we can come to expect.

Glass Warframe

Glass Warframe

A new Frame is coming into the game alongside Plains of Eidolon, which is going to look great in the new Day/Night cycle on the Plains. The Glass Warframe is a dazzling addition to the game and features four brand new Glass related abilities which turn her into an aoe machine in many respects.

Glass Warframe First Ability

Now, since the Plains of Eidolon has not been released yet, the names and such are subject to change by Digital Extremes but based on the Devstream, these are the Glass Frame’s abilities. The first ability is known as Shank, which sees Glass, send out a giant ice sword that can impale enemies at long or close ranges, which not only deals damage but also prevents them from fighting back.

Glass Warframe Second Ability

The second ability sees Glass shatter the transparent glass pieces on her body which then fly around her dealing area of effect damage to any that get too close to this Frame. It can be cast on enemies or allies as well, so you have targeted aoe damage which lends to the versatility of this Frame.

Glass Warframe Third Ability

There is also a CC ability known as Fragmented Reality which places a series of floating mirrors around Glass. These mirrors become prime targets for enemies, which explode in a shower of glass when enough damage is dealt to them. When enough of the mirrors are destroyed, Fragmented Reality will collapse in on itself dealing a final damage-dealing blast.

Glass Fourth Ability.png

Finally, Glass’s fourth ability sends a toggleable molten glass ring that can be expanded via how long you hold the ability down. As enemies move through the ring, they will be attacked with molten glass that slows them over time, eventually freezing them in place. This ring can be broken in any direction by utilising the Shank ability to shatter it and deal damage to surrounding enemies.

Glass will have a passive known as In Bright Line, which grants her a chance to do a radial blind to nearby enemies which will minimise the ability of your opponents to fight back.

The Glass Warframe will be available via a Quest that will take you out onto the Plains of Eidolon. But how do you get that Quest? Simple answer is Konzu.



Konzu is a vendor that will be found within the settlement of Cetus who will be responsible for providing players with special jobs that will greatly help the Ostron out. It is through Konzu that you will be able to undertake the Glass Warframe Quest but not much else is known about the Quest or the exact requirements for it.

Konzu Job Board

But Konzu isn’t just going to be giving you a singular Quest and be done with it. That is where the job board comes in. The job board gives players a chance to select which missions they would like to undertake to both provide a boost to reputation and to earn some sweet rewards. These jobs are going to be placed under a series of levels, much like the nodes in Warframe are currently. They are there to provide new players with a way to level up and explore the world but also to provide a decent challenge for veteran players as well.

Reputation And Standing

POE Landscape 2

Reputation will be important on the Plains of Eidolon and inside the settlement of Cetus as a higher standing makes the Ostron trust you more and be more willing to provide access to higher level equipment. There are five levels of standing in Cetus;

Offworlder: You must speak with Konzu to learn how to increase your standing.

Visitor: Ostron are intrigued and willing to instruct you.

Accepted: They have begun to accept you into their society. Will sell items not offered to strangers.

Surah: Valuable ally of the Ostron.

Kin: Respected by Ostron Elders, have access to their most sought-after wares.

Essentially, the more you do for the Ostron, the more they will do for you. It is important to note that there is no negative standing in Cetus so you cannot annoy the Ostron and deteriorate your rank, which will be very good for a lot of people.

Activities On The Plains

POE CavesPOE Mining

The Plains aren’t just a place to hunt down Eidolon and shoot Grineer in their ugly faces, you can also mine for strange minerals and crystals left behind after the large-scale battles between the Orokin and the Sentients. The landscape was forever changed and now there are special deposits that players can seek out and mine to deliver to the Prospector NPC.

These deposits can be found wherever there is an abundance of rocks, so caves are a very good bet. The new mining system requires you to utilise a new mining tool to scan a deposit, memorise the pattern and then trace out the pattern with a specialised laser. You have to get the pattern pretty close to perfect in order to unlock the deposit but it will be worth it when you are trading in those sweet, sweet resources.

Enemy Changes

Alert POE

There are special events out in the Plains of Eidolon known as Alerts, the name of which may be getting a change before release. These require you to complete certain tasks in the surrounding areas, usually by taking out a large number of Grineer. These Alert missions are higher level and are usually designed for groups of Warframes, but due to the open nature of the Plains, you will most likely have someone around to assist you.

The Alerts or at least the one in the devstream was due to an influx of Tusk Grineer which have a whole suite of new tricks you will have to contend with. When you engage Grineer, no longer will it just be them, they can utilise flares to call in a variety of different support types. There are different coloured flares that mean different things, so you will be able to anticipate what you are going up against. Most notably is the new Grineer ability to call in air support, which will drop new troops to your position but there is good news in that the drop ships can be violently destroyed.

Behold, The Eidolons


That is not the only enemy that awaits you on the Plains of Eidolon; when night falls, the Eidolons emerge from glowing beacons, searching for ways to repair themselves and once again wreak havoc on the world.

The Eidolons are the remnants of a massive war and they wander the Plains at night looking for the pieces of themselves that they lost. So if you and your group encounter an Eidolon, it will regard you as no more dangerous than a fly, attempting to swat you but ultimately unconcerned about the threat you pose.

POE Eidolon Meteor Shower

The Eidolon do not target you with specific attacks, instead the will blanket the map with area of effect attacks to blow you and your team away, like a meteor shower. These fights cannot be undertaken solo and a large, dedicated group of Warframes are what you will need to be successful. The night hunt is not for the weak hearted…or the weak levelled.

Plains of the Eidolon still does not have a defined release date as of yet but it will definitely change the way Warframe will be played and I for one cannot wait to get out there and hunt some Eidolon.

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