Assassins Creed Origins

Discovery Tour Coming To Assassins Creed Origins In 2018. A True Blend Of History And Gaming.

Assassins Creed Origins is one of the most history-rich AC games developed, set in a time of Cleopatra’s Egypt when Egypt is experiencing some turbulence at the end of almost 3000 years of power. 

Ubisoft has announced a new Discovery Tour that is going to be coming as a free DLC in 2018. This Discovery Tour will allow players to simply explore the world, uncovering the lore and history of Ancient Egypt with zero difficulty and nothing to distract them from the rich landscape around them. 

This is a great move by Ubisoft and truly allows lovers of history to delve into the rich scenery of the game, especially in a setting as iconic and historically important as Egypt and it truly allows players to see the true blend of history and technology rather than being distracted with all the stabbing and murder. 

With Discover Tour, there will be guided tours within the game that players can follow, curated by Egyptologists and historians to ensure its accuracy. It is not just limited to the Tours, however, with this new mode allowing players to explore the massive landscape of Assassins Creed Origins, which includes major cities, Memphis and Alexandria. 

This is a big step for both history and gaming and it is going to be amazing truly seeing how much history is going to be uncovered in Assassins Creed Origins

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