Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Sunbracers

“When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?”

Ah, the Sunbracers, the popular gauntlets that made the Destiny 1 Sunsinger even more annoying. The in-game lore tells us that the name has been changed to distance the gauntlets from the wrath of the Sunbreakers and that may be, but I guess it is time to praise the Sunbracers.

The Sunbracers rock the Exotic perk, Helium Spirals which increases the duration of Solar Grenades and provides bonus grenade energy on Solar melee hits. In case you have not figured it out at this point, this Exotic is for the Dawnblade Warlock and affects all of the grenades, instead of just one in the case of Destiny 1. However, it does not provide us with an extra Solar Grenade charge which is a little bit annoying, but I am sure we can learn to cope. The interesting thing to mention is that there is really only one Solar grenade that can have its duration extended and still be effective, which is the Solar Grenade. This creates a mini vortex of fire that damages any enemies that come near it, so with an increased duration, it throws out some pretty effective area denial.


The Sunbracers are an effective Exotic, allowing for longer burning Grenades to lock down areas for longer periods of time and to deal additional damage. This is ideal in scenarios with a lot of bunched up enemies or just those ones who are not too smart, like charging Thrall, or a lot of my mates in the Crucible.

This Exotic is incredibly versatile assuming you are a lover of the Dawnblade Subclass and will net you many more kills, but you really have to be utilising the Solar Grenade, as a longer duration on the Fusion and Firebolt would be irrational and make no sense, to be honest.

But the additional grenade energy on melee hits essentially turns the Sunbracers into almost a full feedback loop of ability energy, so if you are not afraid to get in close to your opponents you will have your grenades up much sooner than you planned. An additional bonus is that the Helium Spirals perk does not require you to score a melee kill, a simple hit will do the job just fine.


The Sunbracers can be obtained through an Exotic Engram decryption, from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory or via an Exotic reward for completing the mission Riptide on Titan.

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